God Hit Me On The Head

Yep, He did.  Sometimes He has to in order to get my attention.  Not that I didn’t think I was paying attention.  But. . .

Yesterday was the 3rd day in a row of fighting high blood sugars.  They would be fine every so often, but then get really high and not come down for hours, if at all.  For me, that is both physically and emotionally taxing.

Anyway, I was also very busy, which added to the frustration.

To make a long story short(er), I told my folks what I was up to yesterday afternoon, which included an explanation of something that wasn’t necessarily bad, but they didn’t need to hear.  Neither did my niece who came up while I was talking with them, or the other gentleman that was nearby.  The hit on the head came last night when I started to do my Bible study.  Crud.  I should have not talked to another person about what was going on, I should have just talked to God about it.  Him and only Him.

My devotion this morning was about talking to God about each and every little thing.  Another hit.

Then, on the way to work this morning, there was at least 1 song, if not 3, that had to do with talking to God.  Hit again.

Now, I tend to talk to God about pretty much everything, on a pretty constant basis.  However, this weekend, I let not feeling good and busyness get in the way.  Not good.

After the 3 hits in a row, I’m thinking I really need to pick up my journal again and start writing letters to God each and every evening about everything that has gone on throughout the day.  This is in addition to praying about everything as I make my way through the day.

Last night I did ask for forgiveness.  I also asked that He let me know if I need to apologize to anyone else about it.  So far, I haven’t seen that, but life isn’t over, yet.  (Yes, I know I’m going to heaven after my physical death, so I know that life doesn’t ever end.  That’s the point.)

This was just a bit about me and what I’m going through right now.  I figure there is probably someone else out there that needs to hear that they’re not alone in this, or I wouldn’t have felt the need to share another of my shortcomings.

On a totally different note (this one’s good), a group of us from church got together on Saturday evening and we got into a discussion about poop (think Squatty-Potty commercials).  Sounds crazy and typically not something I talk about.  Ever, with anyone.  However, I laughed a lot and had a great time.  That was a definite positive in the weekend.

Thank you for spending some of your precious time with me today.  I hope this encourages you in some way.  If in no other way but knowing that Christians are just regular people with horrendous moments and good moments, too.  We just know that God is here to help us and we trust that He has already forgiven us.  If you don’t know God, I encourage you to get to know Him, as His help and knowing I’m forgiven is the greatest relief you can possibly imagine.  And, He offers it to you, too.  Yep, you.

Worship in Tears

This post is all about me, so just pass it on by if you’re not interested in ramblings.

This morning, I was in a building with a lot of other people worshiping and praising God.  This building was full of people that I care about deeply and I know quite a few of them care about me, as well.  As we were praising God in song, a couple of the songs hit me hard.  The sermon today really hit me hard, too.  I have to say, I’m not one to cry, but I was really glad that the lights were low and it was a rainy day, which made it even darker, ’cause the tears were falling today.

There are two things that I am desperate for from God.  One of them is something that hits me pretty hard every so often, but most of the time I just figure it’s one of those things that God knows wouldn’t be good for me to have and I’m fine with it.  Through worship of God today, I wonder if maybe having that one thing I’m desperate for would inhibit a closer relationship with God.  Usually it’s viewed as something that is good and helps people in their relationship with God.  I’m not most people, so maybe that’s not true for me.  Anyway, I’m going to try and let go of that desire.  So, if you worship God, the creator of all that exists from the beginning to the end of time in any and all realities/universes/dimensions, etc., the I AM, please pray with me that I’ll be able to let that desire go completely.

The second thing that I am desperate for from God is something that has to do with 3 other people and their relationship with God.  That one I know is within God’s will and I will keep praying for until it happens or I die.  Well, I’ll still be talking to God about it after I die, so that one’s not stopping.

And, no, neither of these things has to do with my health.  My health is what it is.  I pray about it and trust that it is in God’s hands.

Now, I’m done rambling.  There aren’t specific, ’cause you don’t need to know them to pray.  God’s amazing in that he knows exactly what’s needed, even when we don’t.  I’m hoping the tears are done and gone.  For those of you that actually made it through this, thank you for listening.  Sometimes, talking with someone else is what we need, and today, I needed to talk.  Writing it down is nice, ’cause then I can erase what comes out, before I’ve said too much.

Thank you for spending some of your precious time today with me.  Have a great rest of the day.  I appreciate your prayers and I will be praying for you, as well.

Girls With Curls Review

I was given 3 Original Dippity-Do, Girls With Curls products by Naturally Curly.com to try and then review.  This post is about how the product.

3-13-16 Girls With Curls

First is the Girls With Curls: Curl Defining Cream, which is what I used first.  This was thinner/runnier than I was anticipating, but it seems to do a great job adding the moisture my curly hair craves.  It smells like a nice fresh peach, not the overdone peach fragrance, just light and yummy.

That was followed with the Girls With Curls: Light Hold Gelee.  I have never been fond of using any type of gel, as my hair always winds up crunchy, no matter how little I use.  However, this product did not do that, at all.  Granted, it had the same crunchy wet look, until my hair was completely dry, which takes at least 3 hours, but it had ZERO crunch.  When my hair finally dried completely, it didn’t have the wet look, either.  My hair holds the curl, or, on sections I pulled straight, held the straight, really well, but is nice and soft.  It also has that nice fresh peach smell.

For a few days, I used just the first 2 products, and my hair looked and felt good.  Then I tried the third product, the Girls With Curls: Curl-Boost Spray.  This did help it look a bit shinier and my hair was quite soft and moved around easily.  Yep, this one also had that wonderful fresh peach smell.

There is almost nothing that is made with the purpose of keeping hair frizz-free that works on my hair.  I have found a couple of items, but within a couple months of using them, the frizz comes back.  I have no clue why, yet.  So, was my hair completely frizz free with these products?  No, but it wasn’t horrendous, either.  And, like I said, that has something to do with me, not the product.

These are definitely good products that I will continue using.  The peach smell is a wonderful benefit, too.  It isn’t a fake, perfume like smell, which I hate, it just smells like you took a bite of a nice fresh, ripe peach.  It isn’t overpowering, just a light scent.  I love how my hair feels while using the product, too.  So, I do recommend these.

Here’s a picture where you can see how the back looks after it is completely dry.

3-13-16 Girls With Curls Dry

Not the greatest pictures in the world, but you can see just the light frizz, and how it looks.

Thanks for spending some time with me today.  If you have curly hair and are wondering about product, I hope this helps.


Yo Yo Spinner Card

I learned how to do this technique from a SplitCoastStampers Tutorial by Deb Valder.  This is my how to on it.

First, you need a panel that will be popped up from your card base.  You will need to have that panel stamped or decorated.  It will need to be popped up off your card base.  You will also need your spinning piece, which can be a part of your panel image, or just something separate you want to spin.  You will need a plain stamped and cut piece, and a finished stamped and cut piece.  You will also need a ROUND pop dot, two round pieces of pretty heavy acetate, some strong adhesive, a brad, about 6 inches of thin ribbon and two heavy pieces, like buttons, for the pull.

Yo Yo 1

Yo Yo 3

Now, you need to poke a hole through the center of the 2 acetate pieces, the unfinished spinning piece and the pop dot.  You also want to figure out where you want your spinning piece on the panel and poke a hole there, as well.

Yo Yo 2

Now, put your brand through the unfinished spinning piece.  Then take off the covering from one side of the pop dot and slide that onto the brad, adhered to the back of the unfinished piece.  Make sure you put one end of your ribbon between those two pieces, so it is adhered well.  Next, put one of the acetate pieces on, so it adheres to the other side of the pop dot.  Then, put the next acetate piece on against the first acetate piece.  This is how it will spin.  On top of that acetate piece, use some strong adhesive, glue dots, or something strong.

Yo Yo 6

Now, you will take this entire piece and put the end of the brad through the hole in your panel.  The bottom acetate piece should adhere to your panel.  Flip the panel over and open up the brad.  Do NOT try to squish it to flatten it.  It needs to be open, so it doesn’t pull back through the hole, but be free enough for the piece on the front to spin.

Yo Yo 7

Now, you want to put your heavier “pull” pieces on the front and back of the free end of the ribbon.  (You could also use twine, or yarn instead of the ribbon.)

After the front panel is done, you will flip it over and put 3D tape on the back.  I like to put it all around the edges, around the area where the brad is, leaving room for it to spin, as well as in other large open areas.

Yo Yo 8

You can center that on the front panel of the card.  In the above photo, I have the card open, so you can see the inside.

The last step is to adhere your finished spinning piece on top of the unfinished piece with the brad through it.  Just line it up and stick it together.

Yo Yo 9

Yep, it is as simple as that.  You just turn your spinning piece to wind it up, then the recipient can pull the dangling piece.

My video won’t link, but you can see it on my YouTube channel.  (Beware, the music is really loud.)

Thanks for spending time with me today!

Triple Stamping with a Twist

Triple stamping is a simple technique, with beautiful results.  So, my challenge for the We Craft Cards Monday challenge this week was to make a Doubled Triple Stamping project.  Basically, I just wanted 2 sets of layers for the triple stamping on 1 project.  However, for this tutorial, I cascaded both sets.  Why?  Just for fun.

First, you need a base card (yes, mine has a hole in it, but I used it on the inside), a background panel (not necessary, unless you have a hole in the base card), the layers for the 2 sets of triple stamping and some background layers for those.

Layered Challenge 1

Instead of the typical rectangles, I decided to go with the octagons.  I used the 3 dies pictured to cut out the white pieces for stamping.  Then, as I just wanted a small border, I traced around the outside and cut those out for the backgrounds.  It wound up being a bit more than I wanted, but I went with it.

Next, I laid my stamping pieces on the background to figure out how I wanted to arrange my card (and choose what stamps to use).  When I figured it out, I used a bit of adhesive on the back of the pieces to hold them in place.  Now, as I didn’t have any removable adhesive, I just used a bit of tape adhesive, but put it on my arm a couple times to make sure I would be able to get the pieces apart, afterwards.  Then, I stamped.  Now, when stamping on layered pieces, you need to press a bit harder and rock the stamp a bit to get down on all the layers.  I missed a small section, but it works, anyway.

Layered Challenge 2

As you can see, I already started coloring one stack, but left the other so you can see.  For mine, I just used colored pencils.  When I was finished with all of my coloring, I carefully took the layered pieces apart and starting using some regular adhesive to hold them onto their layered pieces and put it all back together again.

Layered Challenge 3

My pieces moved a tiny bit while I was stamping, but I just aligned them with the layer below.  I do like the cascade look, but with all the layers of card stock, it’s a bit heavy.  I also need some foam mounting tape under the edge of the smallest layer to hold it in place.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!  Check out the challenge and play along.


This week is the “We’re Off To See the Wizard” crop on We Craft Cards.  For my challenge, people are asked to make a spinner card or project.

The basics on making a spinner card, is to create a hole through the front of the card, then a piece smaller than the hole, with a front and a back.  There is a string or cord that goes from top to bottom of the hole with the front and back on it.  When the card is opened, the piece spins.  Here are two options for doing this.

This first one is just a circle hole, with a smaller circle piece that twists in the center.  As long as you can cut circles, you can decorate this in any way you want.

Twister 1  These are the pieces used.  I do suggest you not layer two pieces of card, with a piece of paper on top and then try to cut through it.  It was a bit thick to cut easily.  The scalloped circle was just for decoration.

Twister 2  I laid the card base down, with the front of my spinner piece in the center, facing down, then tied knots in the string, at both the top and bottom, to help hold it in place.  I used score tape, as it is quite strong, though I’ve never had a problem using my regular adhesive.  As you can see, there is adhesive above and below the knot, over the string, including on the back of the spinner piece.  Before putting the second piece of card inside, to cover the string, I used regular adhesive around the edges, as well as around the edges of my aperture (opening).

Twister 4  I also placed the back of the spinner on, adding regular adhesive along the edges to hold it together well.  I did close my card and mark the edges of the spinning piece, to see where to put my inside sentiment, then erased those marks, after stamping.

Twister 5  The finished card.  The flower spins and has the birthday sentiment on the back.

The second example is done much the same, just using a shaped spinning piece.

Twister 2-1  Twister 2-2  Twister 2-3  Twister 2-4

These spinning cards are fairly quick to make and certainly fun for the recipient.

Go check out the crop and join in.  For each challenge you participate in, a small prize is offered to a random participant.

Thanks for spending some time with me today.

Tags that Shake

There are a lot of instructions on how to make shaker boxes, or pieces for cards or tags, out there, so this is just another one to give you some ideas to try.

Here are the two tags that I made:

11-16-15 Shaker Tags 7

Okay, these aren’t the greatest pictures, but the light has just been strange today (both sun and indoor).

Now, I saw some instructions that said to use adhesive craft foam for them.  I didn’t have any adhesive foam, but I did have some craft foam.  So, I used that for the tree.

To start, I cut 2 pieces of card stock and 1 of the foam in the large (2nd size down of the dies) tree size. (Sizzix Christmas Trees)  I cut the smallest tree size out of the center of one of the card stock trees and the foam.  I also cut the size in between out of plastic/acetate.  (I just save the plastic that seems pretty sturdy from boxes, box fronts, die holders, etc.)

11-16-15 Shaker Tag 1

11-16-15 Shaker Tag 2

I saved the two cut out small trees for cards.  Now, like I said, I didn’t have adhesive foam, so I just used some craft glue.  First, I put a bit of glue around the edges of the hole on the back of the front piece and adhered the acetate on it, fairly centered.  Then, I adhered the foam piece to the bottom tree (one without the hole).  I put some confetti (this was actually saved from a card, or something that had a pouch as part of it, from years ago.  I have used this confetti for several projects and have quite a bit left.  Definitely recycle stuff you might use!)  in the center of the foam.

11-16-15 Shaker Tag 3

Then, I smeared some glue around the foam piece and layered the top piece on that, lining up the edges.  For this one, I used a hole punch near the top and ran some ribbon through as a tie.

Now, for my second tag, I did it a little differently.  For this one, I did hearts (Sizzix heart dies).  I cut two of the scalloped hearts out of a dark pink (cranberry) card stock, the smooth edge heart that was almost the same size is what I used for the acetate, and a smaller smooth edge heart for the hole.  Instead of using foam on this one (I only had green foam), I used some foam mounting tape.  The glue was used to adhere the acetate to the back of the front piece.

11-16-15 Shaker Tag 5

On this one, I cut little pieces of the foam mounting tape and outlined the hole as best I could, with no spaces large enough for the confetti to fall out.  It took longer and didn’t wind up as smooth as using the foam.  However, it did work.  The worst part of this tag was, after I put the little heart confetti in the middle, I took off the liner from the foam mounting adhesive.  Definitely not the way to go, as the confetti kept popping out and getting stuck on the adhesive.  Might have worked better to put that in after all the liner was off.  Oh well, live and learn.  I used some of the glue to attach the ribbon on the back piece of this one, moving it so it wouldn’t show.  Then I pressed that back piece on top of the front piece.  Because of the adhesive, you have to line this one up before you actually lay it down and press it together.  (The ability of the glue to slide for a few seconds helped on the first one.)

11-16-15 Shaker Tags 7

Here are the two finished tags.  It really wasn’t too difficult, will make some really fun tags for presents and let me play with paper.  I suggest using a pretty heavy duty card stock for these, to hold it all together well.  The foam was easier, but layer the top card stock and the foam together when cutting the centers out.

I haven’t decorated these, yet, but I probably will add some little ornaments around the edges of the tree one.  You can also decorate the inside with a scene, but I like just being able to see the confetti moving around.  Also, if you get any glue on the acetate where it will show, use an alcohol wipe to clean it up easily.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!