Time Flies

It amazes me how time flies by.  It seems like just the other day I was walking the kids to and from school and making jokes with them to make things better.  It seems like just before that they were babies I was reading to.  Now, one is married and both have their own homes.  I miss them being small, but am so thrilled that they have grown and are making their own lives.

It is fun to have the house to just my husband and I – along with the dogs.  Though at times, I really miss the noise and activity of having young ones around.  Times certainly are changing.

Rob and I are planning to take a trip up to Washington, then down the Pacific Coast Highway for our 25th anniversary.  It is funny to think we’ve been married for 25 years, but it is also difficult to think of times where he wasn’t part of my life.  Planning this trip is fun, and sometimes frustrating, too.  We are both looking forward to the time together and seeing new things together.  He is also going to show me where he spent part of his youth, which will be fun.  I love how excited Rob is to show me a place he went as a teen that he is sure I will absolutely love.

I am very grateful for these extra years God has blessed me with and the time to share with my husband, children and family.  Can’t wait to see what God has in store for me in the future.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Oh, my sister-in-law makes and sells soap and she sent us some for Christmas.  I starting using one of the bars last week and was so inspired by the scent and look of it that I wanted to make some candles to match.  I tried some in the style, but other colors and scents this weekend and can’t wait to test burn one tonight.  I’m hoping it burns well, so I can order some scent and share it with you.  You should go check out my sister-in-laws site and see her handmade soaps (she’s working on lotion, too)!  Any clue which soap inspired me to make candles?

3 Things Challenge

Okay, I have gotten way behind on Blogging 101.  Life gets in the way of what I want to do.  So we were supposed to choose a challenge and post about that.  What I chose was Three Things Thursday.  Yes, I know it is only Wednesday, but I’m sure I can come up with 3 things that have happened this week that are awesome.

1)  On Sunday, a friend at church came up and asked me how I was doing.  I commented that I was doing better than he was, as I had been talking with his wife about him having surgery today having cancer removed.  He responded that he didn’t know about that.  I love that he completely and totally trusts God with what he is going through.

2) On Monday, it was pretty cloudy and was supposed to rain, so when I got home from work, I decided to go out and clean up the dog poop so I wouldn’t have to do it when it was actually raining on Tuesday.  While I was out cleaning it up, it started sprinkling.  That was wonderful!  On Tuesday, it didn’t rain past 5:30am.

3)  I went to lunch with my daughter on Tuesday, which was so much fun.  Granted, she is feeling pretty awful, but we got to chat, for quite a while and shared some onion rings, in addition to our curly fries and sandwiches.  After that, my son met me and we went to coordinating podiatrist appointments.  On the way there and taking him home, it was fun to just catch up.  I love spending time with my children.  I know they are grown and gone, but it is still so wonderful to chat with them and find out about what they are going through.

Thank you so much for spending time with me today.  I know, this is the second post in a day, but I’m trying to catch up and I was thrilled to share 3 things that have made life fabulous so far this week.  Have an amazing rest of the week and don’t forget to look for the good around you.  Even those little things, like making a light, or something that makes you smile counts!


We were challenged in Blogging 101 to use a prompt and write a post about it.  The thing about prompts is that I usually have a different take on things.  So, the prompt is “A Moment in Time: What was the last picture you took?  What was the story behind it.”  So, I started thinking about pictures I’ve taken.  Most have been people and things around me.  Things I don’t want to forget.

I have lots and lots and lots of zoo pictures.  Yes, I LOVE going to the zoo.  When I was really small, the zoo enclosures weren’t huge, so you could usually see the animals.  Now, the enclosures are pretty amazing as they are set up more like the animals’ natural habitat and we are just getting a glimpse in.  Sometimes you can see the animals, though at times, they go to the sections of their enclosures that are hidden from view, to just get away.  I love going to the zoo first thing in the morning, as the animals are generally out and about and have more energy.  Yes, I realize that part of that is that this is Phoenix Arizona, so it gets a bit warm later in the day.  Another reason for the early mornings is that there are less people.  What is it about the animals that I enjoy so much?  It is the fact that God gave us such an amazing variety of animals.  They have so many different looks, activities and places in the world.  We all have a place, from the tiny gnat (no, I haven’t quite figured out why they are so important) to people.  I think part of my fascination is that I know this world is full of sin and is NOT the way God created it to be.  I can’t wait to see it without the sin.  There are a lot of verses in the Bible that talk about God creating new heavens and a new earth.  Romans 8:21 says, “The creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God.”  I love looking at the mountains around me, the sunrise and sunset, the plants and animals and wondering, as beautiful and amazing as they are now, what will they be like without the bondage of sin.  What will I be like without the bondage of sin?  I won’t have health problems, I won’t have to firmly clamp down on the desire to say things just as mean to others as they say to and about me and others.  I’ll be free to be who God created me to be and that will be good and holy and righteous.

I know there are a lot of people out there who say they don’t believe in God, or what they worship isn’t God.  God gave us the ability to choose to follow Him, or to choose not to.  Sometimes that choice is very difficult as there are so many factors that affect us.  But, for me, I choose God.  He is large and in charge, I am not.  I don’t have to, nor can I, make decisions that affect the entire universe.  For that, we should all be glad.  God won’t force us to choose Him.  He won’t force us to be with Him for eternity, either.  But, if we want to be with Him, we just have to choose Him and He’ll not only save us a place, Jesus promised to stand for us.  Oh, for that I can’t thank Him enough.  For all that I’ve done, all that I’ve thought, all that I do that separates me from God here and now, Jesus paid the price.  I couldn’t possibly.  As much as I try to do what God wants, I mess up.  I am a sinful person in a sinful world that is manipulated by the best liar there is.  On my own, I couldn’t possibly pay the price for the choices I’ve made.  But, because God created us and He lived as one of us, He gave us the choice to trust in Him to take care of the price for us.  That’s it, just trust in Him – know that He already did it.  Because of that trust in who He is and what He has done, I want to change my life and live it His way.

To bring this back to the pictures, the reason I take pictures of people and things that I don’t want to forget, is that when I see those pictures, it brings back memories.  Not just of that moment in time, but of life in general and how the people or things in the pictures impact my life.  My daughter is a photographer and takes amazing photographs that have such beauty and depth.  She takes a picture of people and you get a sense of the people themselves.  My pictures aren’t anything like that.  But, to me, they bring back a lifetime of memories.  We all have different perspectives of life around us, but that perspective is part of what makes us unique and who we are.

Thank you for spending some time with me today!


A few days ago I saw an amazing post called, “Around the World in Nine Photos” by Krista.  Now, I’m not a world traveler, I see beautiful pictures of places and think,  “Wow! I’d love to go there sometime.”  However, these were pretty amazing photos that were shared and a couple of them had people in different areas of the world smiling.

I’m often told I have a beautiful smile.  It’s not that my teeth are perfect (they certainly aren’t), or my lips are perfectly formed (a kid in grade school used to make fun of my lips being too fat), it’s where my smile comes from.  My smile is a gift from God.  He has given me every reason to smile, whether things are going good, or bad, my health is horrid, or actually pretty decent for a change, my situation is great, or horrid.  He blessed me with life (when I should have died many times over), hope (I know where I’m going and why I’m here), and gratitude for all He does and allows me to do.  God is absolutely amazing.  He gave me a smile and that is something to be shared with others.  So, I share it.  I smile at people I pass on the street, people who are near me in stores, or lines, no matter their lot in life.  Do I smile constantly?  It sounds like it, but no.  And, I look at people when I smile at them.  Yes, that has caused some unwanted attention as some think I’m flirting.  I’m not.

Anyway, when I see someone smiling (a real smile, not the fake ones kids in America are trained to pop on their face as soon as a camera or phone appears), I thank God for the person and for their smile.  Smiles really are a generous gift.  It encourages someone else, who maybe doesn’t see a smile very often, or has had a really rough time.  And, they are contagious.  When someone smiles at me, it makes me smile and share that smile with someone else, who may smile then, or later, which encourages another to smile.  Those real smiles give us pause and work their way through us, to give us a brief rest and often a different outlook on life.  What may have seemed a huge problem, doesn’t look so huge anymore, or maybe we a way around it rather than through it.

So, take a look at the gorgeous pictures in the original blog post.  Take a moment to relax and enjoy.  Then, go smile at someone as you go through your day.  They may really need that bit of encouragement, or someone they smile at may.  Who knows, your smile, passed on, may be the only bright spot in the day someone along the way.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Disney Princess Ombre Nails

Okay, I saw someone’s nails that were done in a Disney Princess (their name) ombre and I figured I had to try.  So, I grabbed 3 Zoya polishes that I thought would work (no yellow for Beauty, but I picked a pink, purple and blue) and my China Glaze Fairy Dust to give it some sparkle.

1-14-15 Polish Bottles

Not exactly the perfect shades, but close enough.

1-14-15 Polish Names


Kitridge (Sleeping Beauty), Hudson (Rapunzel), Robyn (Cinderella) and Fairy Dust.

1-14-15 Disney Princess Ombre

I messed up around the cuticles, but I love the sparkle and the overlapping colors.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

ILNP Supernova Flakie

This is another nail polish post.  My daughter sent me a link when ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) first announced their pre-sale for their new Flakie collection as she thought they were amazing.  I figured it was a hint for a Christmas present, so I asked her which was her favorite.  She really liked Luna.  Now, I’m not a complete cheapskate, but I HATE to pay shipping prices and $24 for a single bottle of nail polish was a bit much.  So, as you only had to spend a bit more to get free shipping, I started looking at what they had.  The description of Supernova was pretty amazing, so, I decided to get that.  As I love holographic nail polishes, I also purchased their Mega (L).  Hey, I now got free shipping and I got to try a new brand of nail polish (though it’s more than I would normally spend on a bottle) and a new type.

When they finally arrived (remind me not to shop pre-sales as I tend to fret when I have to wait and wait and wait), in the bottle, the Supernova only showed green and magenta.  Well, I wanted to try it, so I picked Zoya Margo to put it over as that looked similar to the magenta in it.  Apparently, it was a bit too close to it as the only shift I could see was those 2 colors, none of the blues and teals that were supposed to be in Supernova.  It was neat, but I was starting to regret spending all that money.  Yesterday, I determined I needed to change polish again and as my daughter had just tried hers out over a black polish, I decided to try it again.  This time, I thought it might be fun to put it over a blue polish, so I used Zoya Ling underneath.  Here is what I got:

ILNP Supernova Shade 1   Shade, obviously.

ILNP Supernova Sun 1  And in the sun.

Now, with the bottle in the sunlight, you can see a bit of the blue in it, but inside, that really doesn’t show.  However, today, I was loving all the different colors that were showing in different lights.  The pictures really don’t do it justice.  However, here are a couple more.

ILNP Supernova Sun 2   Milo loves it when I go out back, so he had to go outside, too.  Sorry about the angle.ILNP Supernova Shade 2

So, if you have any flakie polish (it’s all the rage now and out by several companies), try layering it over different colors and see the difference it makes.

I know the first one in the sun looks like you are seeing straight through to the bottom layer, but you really aren’t.  There are so many shades of light and dark blue, magenta/violet, and green that show up in low light, as well as bright.  This is such a fun polish!

ILNP Supernova and Layers

The Margo on the right was the first bottom layer I used, which mainly pulled the magenta and green.  The Ling on the left is what pulled all the blues.  Hmm, what to try it over next?  No, I’m going to see how long I can get it to last.

If you don’t remember, I just started wearing nail polish a little over a year ago (December 2013), so I’m still not great at it, especially as it took a while to get used to wearing it.  My nails are incredibly thin and peel (health issues), too.  But, I am really loving the fun of wearing nail polish, which is one of the reasons I love holos so much.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!