Accordion Fold or Rosette and Fork Bow

The sketch challenge this week at CardSwap was really cute.  I tried a couple of new things: an accordion fold medallion or paper rosette and a bow tied using a fork.  Here is the finished project:

To make the Accordion Fold Medallion or Paper Rosette (I’ve see it listed as both), I took a 3/4″ x 11″ strip of paper and scored every 1/4″. 

I saw lots of different instructions for doing these and tried a couple of different ways.  You can have a scalloped edge along one (long) side of your strip, or use an edger, then score at the same point on each “scallop”.  You do want to know that however far apart your scores are, your medallion will be slightly higher than that.  My 1/4″ makes it too high to send through the mail without paying extra.  I also tried a 5″ long strip of paper, but that made the medallion very stretched out looking.

The next step is to do a fan fold along your strip.  A fan fold is to fold up on one score line and down on the next all the way to the end.

You will also need a small piece of paper to mount it on.  I cut out a 3/4″ circle, but it doesn’t need to be a circle, just small enough not to be seen.  The diameter of your medallion will be slightly larger than twice the width of your strip.

The top medallion in the image on the right was made using a 3/4″ wide strip.  The bottom medallion was made using a 1″ wide strip.

Now you want to put some glue in the center of your bottom mounting piece and one end of your fan folded strip.  There needs to be enough glue on the mounting piece that it will catch a good section of your medallion.  I tried using liquid glue, regular adhesive and glue dots.  The regular adhesive didn’t hold it together.  The liquid glue worked well, but I had to hold it for about a minute for it to set up and wound up getting it on my skin, too.  The large glue dots worked best.  Same for the end of my fan folded strip, too, only I used tiny glue dots for that.

Next step is to attach the ends of the strip together.  You want to wind up with the up down pattern going around the circle continuous, so you may need to trim off one piece, depending upon how you scored it.  Then you will want to stand the circle up with the edge you want on the outside down.  On mine it didn’t make a difference, but if you have a scalloped edge, you want the scalloped edge on your table and the flat edge up.

Now you want to grab a little ways apart at the top and kind of squish it together in the center, while pushing the center slightly down.  If you let go, it will spring back up.  When you get it pressed down in the center, use both hands and squish it together a bit so the hole in the center is fairly small, then lift the whole thing up, put it over the mounting base and squish it down into the glue.  The only thing you have left to do is attach something to the top over the hole.  You can put some glue around the center hole, then press a decorated circle, a button, a small flower, or whatever you want down on it.

I thought this was adorable, so I grabbed some paper and ribbon that went with the colors and put together a card.

The bow made using a fork was way too tiny, but I used it anyway.  I made mine using a dinner fork.  I’m going to have to find a serving fork to make a larger bow.  There were so many different ways of doing the bow using a fork, I’m just going to suggest Googling “Making a Bow with a Fork” and find a few instructions that make sense to you.

The sketch challenge is open until midnight on Tuesday, April 19, 2011, so take the time to check it out and participate!  I’d love to see what you come up with for the sketch.


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