Using Scraps and Stuff

It’s always nice to use up little bits of this and that, whether it be paper, or stuff from a junk drawer.  A couple of years ago I was given a bag of miscellaneous bulletin papers that had never been used.  I finally went through that bag this weekend and found some interesting looking papers that I was able to use bits and pieces of, as well as some that I think will work well on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards.  In addition to that, I found a piece of cording.  So, I made two different cards using items from the bag.

The first card I made used the cording that I found as well as a piece of decorative postcard from the bag.

  The stuff I used.  I did use some card stock that coordinated with the colors on the postcard, some ink that also coordinated and some Gina K stamps.  And wound up with an interesting thank you card that looks like a picture.  I used some Sakura Glaze ink to make the flowers, the pot and the words shiny.  I also popped the piece up using some 3D tape.

For the next card, I used three different pieces of patterned paper I thought went together pretty well, stamped a Penny Black image and colored the image with colored pencils.  I also stamped a sentiment to include.

   And wound up with this. . .

It is a little busy looking with all the different patterned papers, but it was interesting to put so many found items together.

Don’t forget that you can use little pieces and wind up with something wonderful.  Whether you put lots of little pieces onto a plain sheet to make a random background, or cut pieces out of that random collection.  Or, you can use the little pieces to make pieces on your card like different petals of a flower, or clothes, pockets, etc.

Have fun!  Thanks for spending some time with me.

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I am a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. My favorite things to do are: read, make cards and candles, share what I've learned.

2 thoughts on “Using Scraps and Stuff”

  1. I use up my scraps in different ways all the time as I hate to waste anything. Love what you have created to use up yours. Great results and different too.

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