Star in a Star Fold

I promised to share a new tea bag design and how to do it every so often, so here is the Star in a Star fold.

Here are what the different folds look like: 

First, with the back side up, fold in half side to side, then unfold and fold in half top to bottom and unfold.

Next, still with the back side up, fold the top two corners down to the center point.

Then fold the side edges into the vertical center line.

Fold the bottom edge up to the horizontal center line.

Take the right point of that bottom edge you just folded up and fold it down along the vertical center line.  Now unfold it a bit and grasp to pull it out into a point.  You will have to push down on the center to fold it into place.

The first image in this picture is the same as the last image.  Next, flip your piece over.

Now, take the point that is sticking out and fold it up along the side.  Then unfold it a bit and smash it down so it’s center point is along the side.  It should look like a diamond.

Next you will want to put a little adhesive in the area just to the right of that little diamond you just made and lay another piece on top of the glue with the edges of the diamonds lined up.  It will take 8 pieces to make the complete star.


The back of the piece is pretty impressive, too.

It took a while to determine which side I wanted to use for my card.

You can also use pieces folded in this manner to make a frame by lining up the little diamonds top point to bottom point.  How large your frame is will be determined by how much overlap you have in the pieces.  You may need up to 12 pieces for the frame.

Here is a card made using my piece.

The pictures in this post are a little larger, but I wanted you to be able to see all the different folds.  This may seem difficult, but after you get one done, the rest are easy.  It really is beautiful and worth the effort to make it.  The squares I started with were 1-7/8″ along each side.  You could use either slightly larger or smaller squares to change the size of your finished Star in a Star.

Thanks for spending some time with me in going over this pretty folded piece.

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I am a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. My favorite things to do are: read, make cards and candles, share what I've learned.

6 thoughts on “Star in a Star Fold”

  1. Hi Golda,
    I like this kind of star too. Sometimes I switch the diamonds to the other side. It depends on the motive of the tea bag envelope. I made a stecil out of clear pvc foil marked with the visible areas of the modul. So I can see how the folded paper lookes like. I have control of the colors of the pedals and the diamonds.


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