Basketweave Teabag Fold

I wanted to share the Basketweave with you.  Striped paper seemed the best way to show off this fold, so here it is.

To start, you need eight 1-7/8″ squares of paper that has a design or color on one side.  You then fold each square in half horizontally, then unfold and fold vertically, then unfold starting with the back or white side of your paper up.
Next you continue with the white or back of your paper up and fold corner to corner so you will have diagonal folds in each direction.

Flip your paper over so the colored or patterned side is up.  You want to push in on the two sides, then press together.

You should have two layers on each side of your triangle.  Take the top layer on the right side and flip it over to the left.  Now, on that same layer, fold it so the side point goes against the top point along the fold.

Now, flip that layer back over to the right.  (Aren’t you glad there are pictures so you can see what I am trying to say.)  You are back to having two layers on the right and two layers on the left.

Do the same, but in reverse, to the top layer of the left side.

Do this to the other seven squares. 

Now, you are going to put a drop of glue on the back side of one of these pieces and slide it on the right side, under the top folded section of another piece.  With the back side of the piece up, make sure the glue is a small dot, just on the right side (of the back).  If you have too much glue, it squishes out and makes quite a mess.

When you get the last piece attached, you will have to put glue on the back of the first piece, flip it to the front and slide it under on the last piece.  You should wind up with this lovely Basketweave design.

To make my piece a bit smaller, I used 1-1/4″ squares (proportionally smaller than the 1-7/8″ called for).  My finished piece is 1-7/8″ across.

Thanks for spending a bit of time with me!

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