Color Blending with Colored Pencils

I did some reading on using colored pencils and blending using odorless mineral spirits, so I had to try it.  First I had to go find some odorless mineral spirits, so I got that and tried it with the Crayola and Rose Art colored pencils I already had.  It turned out pretty good.

So, I did some research and came up with three different types of colored pencils that were supposed to be quite good and blend well.  Unfortunately, when I got to Michael’s with my handy-dandy coupon, they didn’t have any of them.  They did however, have these colored pencils from Koh-I-Noor, which is the same company that made one of the types I was looking for.

Okay, I did rearrange the order in the two trays so all the similar colors would be together.  They worked pretty good, and blended better than the other colored pencils.  I did add a bit of lighter and brighter color afterwards (see the two on the left) as it seemed a bit dark when I was done.  It will probably improve with practice.

Here are the two images side by side.  The attempt was to make them as similar in color as possible, so I could really see the difference.  Using the cheap pencils is the image on the left, using the new pencils is the image on the right.  Obviously I didn’t get the colors as close as hoped, but they are similar.  You can see that the one on the right blended a bit better, so I’ll keep working on coloring and blending with them and hope to improve.

Here are the two cards I made with the images.

Thanks for spending a bit of time with me today!


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3 thoughts on “Color Blending with Colored Pencils”

  1. This is great, Golda. I love all the embossing on your cards and the image is so cute. You did a good job on both. But tell me, where do I get odourless mineral spirits? Is mineral oil the same thing? I have Prism color pencils.
    PS – I am running a contest on my blog for free digital scrapbook software. It starts tomorrow.


    1. I will definitely check out your contest. There are several different types of odorless mineral spirits, I found them with the turpentine in the artist paint section. The kind I got was Mona Lisa by Speedball, but there is Gamsol and a lot of other varieties. I don’t think mineral oil is the same thing, but I’m not sure. They are basically a paint thinner. It doesn’t say anything about blending on the bottle, but it works when you use it with blending stumps or tortillions (also in the artist paint section).


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