Cracked Glass Technique

I’ve only done the Cracked Glass Technique a couple of times, but there are times when it is just what is needed.  Here are a couple of examples:

The Christmas Goose card was also done with this week’s Touch Twin Markers & More Color Challenge in mind.

To do the cracked glass, you can do it over a stamped and colored image, or as in the Christmas Goose card, I just colored and blended an oval to get the look of a pond.  Cover your area with embossing ink and then with clear embossing powder.  The Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel or UTEE works really well, which is what I used for the pond, however, regular clear embossing powder works as well, which is what I used for the penguin.  After you have covered your area with the embossing powder, use a heat gun to melt the embossing powder.  I have heard that a hair dryer set on high heat and low air works for melting embossing powder, but I haven’t tried that.  When the first layer is melted (the bumps disappear and it turns clear), put more embossing powder right over the top while it is still warm and melt that layer.  You can do as many layers as you want until you get the look you want.  When you are finished with the layers, let your piece cool completely, then cut around it and flex it backwards a bit until it cracks.  You can flex it in different places and directions to get more cracks.  For the penguin piece, I cut out the colored image before starting the embossing and just covered the entire piece and melted it.  It was difficult to hold while melting the powder and you can get fingerprints in the warm embossing if you don’t leave it on a flat surface.

Thanks for sharing a bit of time with me today!


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