Shake it up Baby! Shaker Cards

Shaker cards are fun to receive, great to watch someone else get and not too difficult to make.  Would you like to know how?

First, you need to determine how large you want your shaker to be and what you want in it.  There are some plastic pieces that you can purchase if you don’t want to make your own, but then you have to go with the shapes and depths available.  For my card, I wanted my focal image to be a flower and thought it would be fun to use seeds as the center.  So, I gathered my supplies:  paper for my flower image, some plastic or acetate for the window, adhesive, 3D tape or pop dots, seeds, paper for the back and a cutter.

For my flower image, I found an image that would be about the right size and dry embossed it.  You could stamp an image, or punch one out, too.  Then I determined how large my center hole should be and cut that out.  My punches were all too big, so I used a circle cutter and cut a 1″ hole.  Then I cut a circle of plastic (off a package I had purchased) 1-1/4″.  You want to make sure your plastic is sturdy enough that your filler won’t go through it, and it won’t damage easily.  Make sure your plastic piece is larger than you center hole, but won’t stick out around your image.  If you use a purchased piece, you may want to do an image around the outside to cover the edge up.







Now, attach your plastic piece to the bottom of your image using a good adhesive, so there is no area that is not adhered.

Take your 3D tape, or pop dots that have been cut in half and make a ring, with no spaces, around the edge of your hole (on the bottom).

If you stamp on the back, so something will show through the shaker, you will want to do that and leave it lying on your work surface.  I didn’t have any stamping on my back piece, so I put my seeds inside the 3D ring.  If you do have stamping on the back, you want to put your filler in a line across the stamped piece.  Then attach your back to your 3D adhesive.




You now have a shaker that you can use just for fun, or put on a card.  Pretty simple and really fun.  Before you get started, make sure your filler for the shaker won’t be too large to work.  Also, be careful to seal each piece all the way around so none of your filler will be able to fall out.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

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