Tag Pocket Book

I made this tag pocket-book and some Christmas tags in unusual colors for Christmas.

To make the pocket-book, which you could use for gift cards or anything you want, I took two envelopes that were the same size, opened up the flaps so the pocket of the envelopes were facing one another and glued the top flap of the envelope on the right back and to the envelope, then put adhesive on the flap of the envelope to the left and lined up the envelope on the right on top of that flap right against the fold line.

I also gathered the papers and elements I planned to use on this pocket-book in the colors I choose to use, olive-green, brown, red, and an orange-yellow color.

My snowflake paper with all of the colors that I planned to use was slightly too small to cover the front and I wanted to dress it up a bit anyway, so I used some strips of brown that I had used an edger on to put at the top and bottom.  The red patterned paper was cut to cover all but 1/8″ horizontally and vertically on the back and adhered first.  Before I adhered the front sheet of snowflake paper, I cut some thin brown ribbon to use as a tie and folded it in half and laid it across the card.

I then adhered the snowflake paper, which wrapped around to the back by 1″.  The brown strips were then adhered at the top and bottom and cut off even with the edge.

A front panel was then created with some Christmas stamps in an orange-yellow ink.  The pocket-book was now complete and all that was left was to create the tags.  For these, I found a scallop template that would fit in the pockets, punched out a bunch of scalloped ovals, then stamped them in one of the four colors I was using, colored with colored pencils, punched some holes in the top and put ribbon through.  Here is what I came up with:

The tags fit in the pockets perfectly and even had room for the ribbon ties.  This was fun to make and when the tags were inserted and the ties on the pocket-book tied, it looks great.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!


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I am a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. My favorite things to do are: read, make cards and candles, share what I've learned.

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