Spring Loaded Pop-Up

I wanted to share a pop-up card I made for my grandmother with you.  Her favorite color is purple, so that is the base.  The idea was to make a house with “windows” that open, so I found some paper that looked like a house, but it was too thin, so I found some card stock that went with the paper and would strengthen it.

Then I adhered the red card stock to the front for a roof, and the turquoise to the back of the lower section.

Then I used a pencil and a ruler to lightly figure out where my “windows” needed to go and then cut them.  After I cut, I erased the pencil marks.  I have found that the white polymer erasers work much better than the pink ones.

I used 3D mounting tape along the back of my “house” so I would have room to work with for my pop outs.  Also, I made my windows open at the center, so it would be easier to close them.

I cut out insects and chose a brad to match, and took 1/4″ wide strips of paper and accordion folded them for my spring.  They started off 6″ long, but I wound up cutting them in half.  Then attached the spring to the base card inside each window and one of the insects on the top of the spring.  Put brads in the window door to be able to close it and wound up with my house.

As I wanted her to start and the top and work her way through the doors in order, I attached some bakers twine to the last door I wanted her to open and wound around each one in order leaving an end for her to grab and start unwrapping.  I think she’s going to have fun with this one!

The most difficult part of this type of pop up is making sure the spring is folded down correctly, then the door closed over the top and held still in some way.  It doesn’t matter which way the first fold goes, as long as it is an accordion fold.  Some of my insects were a little heavier on one part than another, so I had to find a balance point to attach the spring to so it would pop up and not fall over.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!


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I am a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. My favorite things to do are: read, make cards and candles, share what I've learned.

4 thoughts on “Spring Loaded Pop-Up”

  1. This blog hop keeps sending me to weird places! Anyway, I like your card idea very much. It would be a good one to send my mother with all the kids jumping out of the windows!


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