New Opportunities

I apologize for my late post this week.  Last week was incredibly busy and I felt overwhelmed with work and everything else that was going on.  The fact I had to work all day on Tuesday, which meant I missed my BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) group didn’t help.  However, my mother asked me to make some candles for her for Christmas, so I made time on Friday and Saturday to go out and make some candles.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures.  She wanted red candles for Christmas, so I used palm wax (I love the look of that), red coloring and they were scented with Amaretto Nog.  This is one of my favorite scents, whether for Christmas, or anytime.  She asked for a 4″ diameter candle, which I had never made before, but fortunately had a mold.  It took some research to try and figure out how to wick it, but she told me this evening that it was burning well.  Whew!  Usually I spend weeks, if not months, making candles and trying out different wicks until I find the best one for a particular wax at a particular diameter.  I also made a few blue, soy votives in Mistletoe scent, which I LOVE for Christmas!  It was a sample to try for next years candles, so I only got 10 votives out of it and I am still trying to figure out the wicking with this type of wax.  I will definitely be ordering more.

Anyway, I’ll show you two tags I made late last week as it is about time to be needing them.  The color one is for my mother-in-law and the black and white for my father-in-law.  The back of the black and white says, “in a few minutes.”









The new opportunities I wanted to tell you about are on CardMaker Magazine’s CardSwap message board there is a new section called “Cardmaker Challenge Corner” and each Tuesday, Lora Brinkman will be posting a challenge from the Challenge Corner section in the CardMaker magazine for that week.  This section debuts in the January 2012 issue.  The challenges start this Tuesday, December 6.  Please take the time to check it out as I know it will be fun, encouraging and worth your time!

Starting tomorrow, the weekly challenges on CardSwap will be run differently, too.  This week, the challenge is hosted by Lora Brinkman and is a color challenge.  Can’t wait to see what colors she is challenging us with tomorrow!  The fun thing about these challenges is that you have a week to take the challenge, come up with your own take on it and post a picture to the board.  This is the best group about encouraging one another and giving advice and help when needed, too.  Please come check us out!

After church today, my husband and I stayed for a meeting and didn’t get home until around 2:30pm.  The kids had gotten the Christmas decorations out while we were at the meeting, so we had to rearrange furniture to make room for the tree and they did the decorating.  I love that they enjoy doing it!  In the meantime, my son had wanted to learn to make candles, so we went out and I worked with him on making a 3″ diameter soy pillar that he choose to make light green and scent with Dragon’s Blood.  I think it smells like incense, but my husband says it reminds him of urinal cakes.  ???  Oh well, my son likes it and this is for him.  It was a late start, but we got it done and it is cooling.  We’ll finish up tomorrow after work and school and he will have his own candle.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!  This wasn’t very helpful, but you found out a bit more about me.  Have a wonderful week!  I am praying for you, even if I don’t know you.

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I am a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. My favorite things to do are: read, make cards and candles, share what I've learned.

4 thoughts on “New Opportunities”

  1. Hey Golda! Your new candles sound really nice. Your blog is such a sweet, kind piece of the web. I love it that when I read your blog, I could almost feel your happiness, contentment and love of our Lord. Thank you for praying for me.


  2. Oh, Golda! You are such a sweet soul. I love that you are making candles. I have never done that, but it sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks so much for the kind words about the new challenges at Card Swaps. That was such a wonderful surprise this morning.


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