Pennant Card

If you read CardMaker Magazine, you will notice that there is a new column about weekly challenges on CardSwap.  This week’s challenge was to make a pennant card with 3 or more flags.  I also wanted to participate in the color challenge on the Touch Twin Markers & More blog.  So, here is what I came up with:

To make the card, I started with a plan.  It is always nice to write out what you plan to do, so you can change things that don’t look right.  It is also good to have notes to remind you of what you planned to do and see if you’re missing anything.

I just wrote mine out on the back of a piece of scratch paper.  You can see that I also figured out my measurements.





Because this needed to be an accordion fold, I wanted it to be 5-1/2″ tall, so I cut an 8-1/2 x 11″ piece of card stock in half, figured out where I wanted my folds to be and attached it in the center.  The center section is 1/2″ shorter than the two sides, so I overlapped and adhered there.  Then I put the eyelets in to attach my pennant.

Then I stamped my pieces and cut them out.







Then I stamped and embossed my panels for the inside.  I wanted to stay with the colors on the Touch Twin challenge, so I used browns, sand, red and yellow.  My card base was white as well as the card I stamped the sentiment on.




I looked at my plan as I started putting it together and realized I had forgotten my pieces for the front, so I embossed, colored and cut those out.  To do the pennant, I threaded some baker’s twine from the back through the eyelet on the back, through the two butterflies for the right section, through the two middle eyelets, through the two butterflies for the left section and through the front.  I then tied a knot in the twine and used some Beacon’s 3-in-1 liquid glue to attach it to the front.

Next, I attached the piece for the front panel to help hold it together, then opened it up and started attaching the inside panels.  I left the back white for easier writing.  Then moved the twine and butterflies around until I liked where everything fell, tied a knot in the back and glued that down, too.  Whew!  Waited for morning to take a couple of pictures and here you have it.

Take the time to try some challenges, you never know what you might learn about yourself.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

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I am a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. My favorite things to do are: read, make cards and candles, share what I've learned.

7 thoughts on “Pennant Card”

  1. Golda, thank you for sharing your blog with me.. I loved your card and will sit and get my papers out right now to try this card. I’ve become a happy follower.. I love that I can follow via email.. So many blogs don’t have that feature and it’s hard to follow all of them..

    I’ll be sure to post my card when I get it all together..


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