Closed 8 Point Star Fold

Here is a new teabag fold for you.  This one is the Closed 8 Point Star.

To start, you will need 4 squares.  For this one I used 2″ squares.  Now, cut each square in half diagonally, so you will wind up with 8 triangles.

You want to lay each triangle with the long side straight across the top.  Then, fold it in half from left to right, so the long side has a fold in the center.  Then, open it back up.  Make sure the right side is up.

Take one side and fold the side point down to the center point.  Repeat on the other side.

Now, the open point with the two folded over points should be at the bottom with the fold at the top.  Take one of those points and fold it to the side, lining up the edges.  Repeat on the opposite side.

Then, flip the piece over so the back side is up.

The single point should be at the bottom with the fold at the top.  (See the top right image.)  Now, fold the edge on the right up along the center fold line.  Then, do the same on the left side.  Flip your piece over and turn it so the folded edges are at the bottom with the long point at the top.

Do the same for all 8 pieces.  To adhere the pieces, put a bit of adhesive on the right side, towards the bottom.  Line the left folded edge along the center line.  Attach each piece in the same manner.  Before attaching the last piece, put a bit of adhesive in the same place on it, so the first piece will adhere to the top of it.

Here is your final piece:  The back is pretty impressive, too: The fun part about this star is that instead of adhering the pieces in this manner, you can flip the pieces and put the long points together in the center.  As you don’t have anything to adhere them to on the next piece, you will have to have a small circle or something to adhere the points to.  It makes for another interesting looking fold.

Try it and see what you think!

Thanks for spending some time with me today!


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I am a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. My favorite things to do are: read, make cards and candles, share what I've learned.

2 thoughts on “Closed 8 Point Star Fold”

  1. Oh my goodness! This is beautiful and you have a lot of patience Golda. But the result is worth it. I’ll have to show your video to my daughter, she used to make origami boxes for me to keep my small things in. I think she would like this star.


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