God’s Protection

This isn’t my normal type of post, but just wanted to share how God protected my daughter and I, yesterday.

We were on the freeway, yesterday afternoon, with a LOT of other vehicles, going 65 mph.  A lot of the vehicles were going 75, but I try to always go the speed limit.  As I was attempting to get into the exit lane, a car came speeding up in the exit lane passing us.  I hit my brakes and pulled the wheel to the left to stay in our lane, but the car skidded straight across the freeway.  I know you are supposed to turn into the skid, but that would have either had us head on into the median or facing the wrong way in traffic, so I attempted to steer slightly to the right.  Wrong thing to do.  We were in a skid going back across the freeway.  We then went into a spin in the center of the freeway.  Remember, I said there were a LOT of other vehicles all going 65 to 75 plus mph all over.  As we were coming to a stop from the spin, we were sideways across the freeway and a car hit our back bumper, which put us facing into traffic.  No one else hit us, which shows how God was protecting us.  We were able to get over to the exit and neither of the people in the other car were hurt and my daughter and I were perfectly fine.  God is absolutely amazing!!!!

As we went almost perfectly sideways to the other side of the freeway and back, then a spin in the center and no one got hurt, just two damaged cars, God was definitely watching over us.  Remember how many vehicles there were and how fast they were traveling.

So today, I am continuing to praise God for everyone’s safety.

Yes, we were in an accident and our only decent vehicle was damaged.  I also have a ticket to pay for my vehicle leaving its lane (driving school will be fine, but it is quite expensive) as well as the deductible for getting the car repaired (apparently it is classified as not being drive-able with the tail light out and the trunk not close-able) and the rental car.  However, we should have been hit multiple times and probably have died.

So, I am absolutely thrilled to be here to spend a little time with you today.  Thank you so much for spending some of your valuable time with me.  I’m hoping you are praising God as much as I am.  Not necessarily for me, but for everyone else’s safety.  And for watching over his children in the odd moments in life.  I know not everyone makes it through accidents and illnesses, but I know that God is ALWAYS with His children.  I am so very glad to be His, not matter what happens in life.  (Yes, I was praising Him when I had my stroke at 32, too.)  We may not always like the twists and turns life takes, but God has a plan that is being fulfilled and His plan is right, even when we can’t understand how or why or what next.  Even when horrible things happen, God is still large and in charge and right. I’m glad I’m not one of the Christians put into lions dens, or tortured, or harassed unbearably for my faith, and I am absolutely amazed at their faith to stick with God through those things.  I’m going to keep praising Him through something as small as this, most definitely.

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I am a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. My favorite things to do are: read, make cards and candles, share what I've learned.

4 thoughts on “God’s Protection”

  1. Golda I am so glad you and Tabatha are ok!!! God has been by your side I’m sure of that. May he always bless you and protect you. This story brought tears to my eyes just thinking that we could have lost a beautiful person like you.


    1. You are so sweet, Jane! Thank you. I figure if I die I get to be with God, so either way I’m in His hands. He must have more for me to do since I’m still here.


  2. How frightening this must have been for you Golda. I shiver thinking about how much worse it could have been. Said a prayer thanking God for protecting you and all those involved in the accident. When my brother died last year my cousin said to me that his job was done here on Earth and God called for him. Your job here on Earth is not done. God had another plan for you.


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