Double Star Teabag Fold

The Double Star Teabag Fold or Kaleidoscope Origami is quick and easy to make, but really pretty.  I know I’ve posted this one before, but thought you might enjoy it again in a pretty pink.

You will need 8 squares of paper for this.  I used 1-7/8″ squares, though you could use any size depending upon how large you want your finished piece to be.  My finished piece is 2-5/8″ diagonally across.

Begin with the white, or wrong side of one of your squares up.  You want to fold the piece in half diagonally, then unfold it.  Now, with your square aligned like a diamond and the diagonal fold running up and down the center, fold the lower right edge up along that center fold.  Do the same with the lower left edge.

Now, the point at the top that is a single layer, fold down along the top of the folded pieces and unfold.  After that is complete, fold those top two edges down along the center line.

Fold the top point down along the fold line that you made earlier.  Then flip your piece over from left to right and fold the bottom point up so it is even with the two side points.

Do the same with the other seven pieces.  To adhere them together, you will put a small drop of glue on the lower left point and then slide that into the left side of that small folded up point.





Do the same all the way around.  Remember to lift the very first one up to slide it into the last piece.

Here is the front of the finished Double Star:

And the back:

You can use either side and each gives you a very different look.  If you had any trouble following along with my instructions, please watch the video below.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!


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