Tri Fold Foil Card

Sorry I haven’t been around too much, lately.  There has been a LOT to do since the car accident.  Anyway, I am back with a fun one.

Here is a card that uses a fun fold, embossed foil, and a Dreamweaver stencil for Spring.

It looks complicated, but really wasn’t too bad.

To start, you want a piece of heavy paper or card stock 5 1/2 x 12″.  Lay it with the 12″ side going horizontally and score at 2″, 4″, 8″ and 10″.  They put it with the 5 1/2″ horizontally and cut at 1 1/2″ from 2″ to 10″ (that is your first and last score lines) and again at 4″ from 2″ to 10″.  Now, you want to crease all those score lines with mountain, valley, mountain, valley folds.  On the center section, flip the second crease to a mountain and the third to a valley (opposite of the top and bottom).  Now, make pieces to decorate.

I cut white card stock 1/8″ smaller than the sections for the two tall sections on front and back and the center sections.  I also cut heavy duty foil (kitchen type) 1/8″ smaller than that (both horizontally and vertically).  Then I used a Cuttlebug embossing folder from the Oriental set to emboss the foil.  To attach the foil to the white pieces, I put adhesive on the white pieces just in a bit and then laid the foil on top and lightly rubbed.  The embossing actually cut through the foil in a lot of places, but it still stayed mostly together when attaching and you couldn’t tell.  However, on one piece, it didn’t go on straight, so I had to lift it up off the adhesive and re-attach it.  The foil wasn’t quite as pretty afterward, so I used some ribbon over the top and you can’t really tell.

Then I attached all of those pieces to the card.  For the “middle” area, I just used a white piece to be able to write a message.  The back of the card can be used if more writing area is necessary.  After that, I used two of the scalloped ovals from Spellbinders and cut those out.  The “pink” piece is another piece of the background paper (a heavy-duty Bubblegum paper from Lasting Impressions), then I used the next smaller scalloped oval and cut another white piece.  Using a cute Dreamweaver heart stencil, I embossed the dangling heart onto the white oval and used a pink Sakura Glaze pen to trace over the top.  When that dried, I attached the two ovals together with 3D tape and used more 3D tape to attach to the card.  (Make sure the adhesive only attaches to front pieces and does not touch the middle section of the top or bottom as the card will not open otherwise.)

The card is not nearly as difficult as it appears.  Take the time to try it.  You can use lots of different patterned papers, if you don’t want to use the foil, but the foil turned out pretty nicely.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!  Take a few minutes to check out the three different challenges I am using this for.  You will definitely be inspired by all the gorgeous work by so many different people.

Enjoy your weekend!

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