Shining Star

It’s always nice to create something cute.  Here is a cute star that is simple enough to make.  All you need are 8 squares of paper (1-7/8″ is normal sized, but it works larger and smaller, too), a bit of adhesive and a bone folder helps, but isn’t required.

Start with one of your squares right side up and fold in half horizontally.  Have it so the fold is on the right and the open edges on the left (you can switch it later, but my instructions are going this way).





Fold the top left corner back so the top edge lays along the fold.  Then fold that little flap in half, so its edge is along it’s fold.

(My picture on the right is flipped upside down, but the point closest to the open edges is the point and the bottom edge folds up along the fold line.)


Next you want to unfold that and flip it the other direction, so it folds under.

Now, flip your piece from left to right, so the open edges are on the right and the fold on the left with your folded corner still at the top of the piece, but on the table.

Do the same fold you just did on the other side with the top left corner on the bottom right corner.






Now you do the same thing with your other 7 pieces.



To attach the pieces together, you will have them all so the open edges are on the left with the folded corner at the top (flip them back over).

You will slide the unfolded layer up under the folded layer of the piece on the left and continue around.  The trickiest part of this is making sure the bottom corners (on the back) are sliding together, too.





Put a bit of adhesive under the unfolded section you are sliding under the fold to hold it together.

The star on the left is with the 1-7/8″ squares and the one on the right used 1″ squares.

Shining Star Instructions

Thanks for spending some time with me today!


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