Glue and Glitter

I was inspired to try stamping with glue and adding glitter last weekend.  Here was an attempt:

On this one, I started by cutting out my pieces.  I made my card base, then cut a dark blue piece 1/8″ smaller (on both sides), then a white piece 1/8″ smaller than that (on both sides).  Then I used some of the dark blue and white and stamped my sentiment in a dark blue on the white and used a Spellbinder’s scalloped oval to cut it out, as well as a blue piece using the same die.  I just wanted a small blue edge, so I chose to use the same die for both pieces and trim the white piece right along the embossed edge.

No, my cutting wasn’t perfect, but you can’t really tell.

After that, I stamped a fireworks stamp on the background using glue.  To do this, I took an empty stamp pad and rubbed glue all over it.  I’m not too thrilled with the Martha Steward glue I used, but it works fairly well.  Then I dumped glitter on it before it dried.  I started with blue, then stamped some more and used a yellow gold glitter, then went to red.  When I put the glitter on the stamped images, I sprinkled the glitter on the piece over a stretched out coffee filter.  Then poured the extra glitter from the coffee filter back into the glitter container.  Easy enough, and I saved most of my extra glitter.

When I was finished adding all the glitter to this piece, I sprayed it with hairspray to keep the glitter attached.  I’m not sure if the glue wasn’t good enough, or maybe it was my inexpensive hairspray, but it didn’t hold the glitter as well as I had hoped.  I’m sure there are plenty of products out there that would do an excellent job of permanent adhesion, but I don’t do enough of this to invest in anything else.  After giving the hairspray a few minutes to dry, I used some adhesive to put everything together, adding a couple of rhinestone stars to my sentiment.  I did use Scotch 3D mounting tape to add my sentiment to give it a bit of lift/dimension.

This was a fun technique to try and I will definitely do it again.  It would be nice to know if you have found anything that will work better than hairspray to keep the glitter adhered.  My husband wasn’t too thrilled I used glitter as it tends to go everywhere and stick around for a while, but the card turned out nice and sparkly.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!


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I am a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. My favorite things to do are: read, make cards and candles, share what I've learned.

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