Ornamental Creativity

If you came here from the CardSwap November 2012 Card Crop, you are in the right place for instructions on how to make a 3D ornament for your card.  If not, hopefully you will try this and make something fun!

To start, you will need 5 or six die cut or hand cut pieces that are the same on both the left and right sides.  You don’t want heavy card stock as that is too difficult to work with.

This is my card base, then I cut out my pieces.

I used circles as they are uniform and easy to work with.  Now, fold each one in half.

Next you want to glue the back side of one of the right sides to the back side of one of the left sides and work your way around until the only unglued pieces are the ends.  Liquid glue  makes this easier.

Now, glue those sides onto your card base.

You can make it look like an ornament in many ways, this is just one.

Here is another example done using diamonds.  The smaller was done with 6 pieces, while on the large one I only used 5 pieces.

The 1st example with the red paper was a heavy paper, the diamond ornaments were done using a lighter card stock.

Any shape that is the same on both sides will work as you will be gluing the back of a left side to the back of a right side.  You want to put glue all over the side to hold it together firmly.

Here’s one I did a while ago that made a skirt rather than an ornament.  For this, I just stamped the image 6 times and cut out the 6 skirts to glue together.

This is a fun technique that can be used to add dimension to any project.  You can fold the sides down to mail it and they will pop back up again when removed.  Depending on the paper, they may need a bit of “fluffing”.  Using 5 pieces gave an even number to fold down on each side.

Try this as it’s even easier than it looks. If you post a picture of your creation on the Ornamental Thread in CardSwap by 11:59pm November 17, you will be entered into a drawing for a prize from CardMaker Magazine and their sponsors.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!


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