Heart Fold Card

How do you take a square of paper and wind up with a heart-shaped card?  Follow along, it’s quick, easy and fun.

I started with an 8-1/2″ square of paper, which turns into a 4-1/4″ square card (apx).  If you are using paper that has a pattern on one side, you want the wrong/blank side up.

1-16-13 Heart 1


With the wrong/blank/back side up, fold your paper in half from side to side, then unfold.

1-16-13 Heart 2


Now, you should have a valley fold going down the center of your paper.  Take both top corners and fold them down along that center fold line.

1-16-13 Heart 3


When both corners are folded down, you want to flip your paper over.  The folded point will be at the top.  Now, fold each of the sides to the center line.

1-16-13 Heart 4


1-16-13 Heart 5


Next you want to take the top point and fold it down so it is on the center line at the bottom and crease.

1-16-13 Heart 6


Now, take a pair of scissors and trim off the top two corners along the outside (through all the layers of paper) and then trim off the center corners (just the top layer) to give it the heart shape.

1-16-13 Heart 7


You don’t have to be exact, just do it so it looks right to you.  Now, if you open it up, you will see the inside of the card.

1-16-13 Heart 8


You can leave the inside as it is, or you can cover it with another piece of paper, either patterned or plain.

Because I used plain card stock for this one, I used stamps and some patterned paper inside to pretty it up.

1-16-13 Heart 9


Here is a quick video if you didn’t understand my written instructions (they make sense to me, but I know what I’m doing, so they may not make sense to others).

1-16-13 Heart 10


Thanks for spending some time with me today!  Try this, then post your creation on the ScrapZee Forum under Rotation Challenge for the week of 1-16-13 through 1-22-13.  One of the creators who posts there will be randomly chosen for a small prize from me.  I hope to see your work!


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