New Realms of Possibility

Well, I tried to do most of the challenges I’ve been skipping the past few weeks, this week and wound up trying some new things.

This first one was quite the challenge as one of the amazing artists on ScrapZee is trying to teach us about colors and challenged us to use one of three or four different types of color combinations. I went with the Triadic Color Scheme and used dark pink, dark yellow/brown (as well as a lighter one), and teal. This is also being entered in the MFP SpeedyTV Simple Salutations challenge this week to use flowers.

6-27-13 SZ SP Color Sent

This next one was done for the MFP SpeedyTV Inspiration challenge which had to do with doors. I was inspired by a white door with frosted glass, so wanted to use some vellum. I stamped the tree on the back side, dried it with my heat tool, then used some ink to get background color. As there was a squared off door that was housing the frosted glass, I used white pieces to surround the vellum. Really like how this one turned out.

6-28-13 SP Inspired

The last card I did is for the MFP SpeedyTV Tutorial Time challenge to do faux tile. Now, I very carefully followed the instructions and got only the very edges of the image to show up, so I tried it again and wound up with ink in my “grout”, as well as a blurred image. This was the third try. I did have to push down pretty hard to get the image to show (maybe my acrylic block is slightly warped?), which once again put ink in the “grout”, but I have had some Elmer’s fine tip paint pens sitting on my desk for months as I had intended to use them on a challenge my friend Jane posted, but was never able to get done, so I grabbed the white one and very carefully used it on my grout lines. It wasn’t perfect, but it still looks a lot like tile. I figure they sell actual grout paint pens, so this qualifies. (I’ve seen them at Lowe’s.)

6-27-13 SP Tile

I had actually intended to send this one to my summer secret pal, but forgot and stamped my name on the back. Oops! Oh well, I made a different card for my pal.

Stamping on vellum is something I’ve only done once or twice and made a mess of, so this was new territory, as well as the faux tile technique. I make the attempt to try new things at least once, then decide if I like it. Hey, you never know unless you try. I wouldn’t use any stamped images had I not tried that several times.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!


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I am a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. My favorite things to do are: read, make cards and candles, share what I've learned.

14 thoughts on “New Realms of Possibility”

  1. Lovely cards Golda!!! You did the color combo perfectly…
    I love the Faux Tile with the chickens and checked paper. This could be Country Shabby.:)
    Thanks for joining us this week at TTSTV…


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