File Folder Cards

There are LOTS of fun File Folder Card tutorials out right now, so I won’t bore you with another video.  Here is a card I made using the directions Stampin Up has out there.

10-16-13 SZ File Folder 1


This type is made using the new Envelope Punch Board by We R Memory Keepers.  They make one for Stampin Up now, too.  I have to say, I love the tool as you can make envelopes in just about any size you want out of whatever paper you want.  It’s also fun to make these cards, there are boxes, and many other ideas out there, too.

Basic instructions for this card is to take a card base (5-1/2″ by 8-1/2″ card scored at 4-1/4″), cut off 1/2″ from the front, then put the left edge of the front piece up along the notch cutting area (inside) and punch.  Line the left edge of the card front up at the 3″ line and punch again.  Now, flip the entire card around so the back edge is at the top and the inside of the card is still down.  Follow the same instructions.  The next part is the hardest. . .use your cutter to cut off the extra piece, below your tab you just created on both the front and back.  I have a rotary cutter and a guillotine cutter, and lining up the rotary part right in the center of the notch isn’t simple.  After you’ve cut that off, you can round the square corner of the front edge, if you want.  I used some patterned paper and just rounded the two edges and put a strip of it inside, then decorated the front.  Easy, pretty quick, and really cute.

However, not everyone has one of the Envelope Punch Boards, so as I was working on a stack of files at work last week, I worked out in my head approximately how to make one.

10-16-13 SZ File Folder 2


For this one, I used a regular card base, trimmed 5/8″ off the front, then measured in 1/2″ along the back edge all the way across.  I made a 1″ tab, which is probably a little small, so marked that off.  Then I used my cutter to cut up to the tab and trim off the rest of that 1/2″ piece.  On the front piece, I measured down 3/8″ under the tab and cut that area out, too.  Then I rounded my corners.  However, the two corners inside the tab wouldn’t work with my rounder, so I cut the one on the actual tab by hand (it’s not perfect, but not too bad) and left the one on the front.  To do the patterned paper on the front, I cut a piece 1/4″ smaller than the card front, then put it up against the top to trace the tabbed out area, adding about 1/8″ on the inside side, then cut that out.  Decorated the front and had a pretty cute card.

It was really a lot easier than it sounds.

Now, for the fun part.  I am hosting the rotating challenge this week on and I’d love to have you go check it out and make one of these for the challenge.  If you’re not a member of, it is free to join, simple, a fun place to chat with others and have fun challenges and crops (next one is coming up in early November).  Also, you might get one email a month (at the most).   Even if you choose not to participate, it’s fun to see the ideas everyone comes up with.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!  Have a great rest of the week.

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