Black and White vs Corners

I did two cards this week for a couple different challenges.  This first one was done for the Simple Salutations challenge and MFP SpeedyTV, as well as the Rotating Challenge at ScrapZee.

1-10-14 BW Banners


I used the Silhouette to create the fun banner flags and cut the sentiment out of the flags at the same time.  Had a lot of fun making this black and white card.  It was even more fun figuring out a few new things on the Silhouette.  (Yes, I like figuring things out and having them work.)  I really liked the chain link fence embossing folder from GooseBumpz that I used on the card base and thought it went well to add some interest for my banners.  It’s fun to see the embossing through the letters, too.  (The letters themselves are saved on my desk and ready to use on another project.)

This next card was done for the MFP SpeedyTV Inspiration challenge this week which was “Doggie Fashion”.  The pictures of dogs in sweaters was interesting, but what “inspired” me was the pointed collar on one of the sweaters.  Not sure why, but that was what jumped out.  So, I put collar points on my baby card for some friends who just adopted a beautiful little girl.

1-10-14 Corners


Yes, I used the same Color on Color embossing technique again.  I love how the light colors show through the darker pink.  Used some fun sparkle pink embossing powder for the fun stork image, too.  There are sentiments from a LOT of different stamp sets that I refuse to take the time to list.

Which card do you like best?  I’d love to know if the black and white jumps out at you, or if it is the corner baby card.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

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I am a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. My favorite things to do are: read, make cards and candles, share what I've learned.

8 thoughts on “Black and White vs Corners”

  1. What a fun black and white birthday card! Love the banners. Thank you for playing along with us at MFP Simple Salutations Challenge.


  2. Golda, both your cards are fab. The colors of the black and white jump out at me, but the shapes on the pink one really grabbed my attention, too. I love hearing your inspiration story about the corners. I am glad to hear you like figuring the silhouette out. I am technically challenged so I give up when I can’t figure mine out. Thank you, so much, for joining us for the Speedy TV Inspiration challenge. I hope you will join us again next week.


  3. What a great baby card – super colors, great layers, and I love how the collar shape inspired you as well. I love how inspirational pictures inspire something different in each person or how they inspire us differently each time we look at them. Great card (like your other one too) for the MFP SpeedyTV challenge! Thanks for joining us again.


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