Loading Scotch ATG

Many people who have the Scotch ATG (comes in pink and red) have trouble figuring out how to load adhesive the first few times.  Here’s a step by step tutorial to make it easier.
Loading Scotch ATG 1 (313x400).jpg

Full adhesive roll goes on front spindle with tape coming off the bottom towards the front.

Loading Scotch ATG 2 (400x356).jpg

Adhesive goes over the first roller and under the second.

Loading Scotch ATG 3 (367x400).jpg

You have to hold the trigger button in to pull the adhesive tape, you can see how it comes off the bottom of the roll, over the top of the first roller and around the second roller, then over the top of the full roll and over to the back spindle.

Loading Scotch ATG 4 (400x300).jpg

There are two slots with a small area between them on the back spindle.  You can twist the spindle around so they are at the top for easier access.  Go in through the slot closest to the front and come out the slot closest to the back.  Make sure you have a small tail sticking out.

Loading Scotch ATG 5 (400x300).jpg

You can see how the tail comes around to touch the adhesive tape going into the first slot.  There should be a small sticky spot that sticks to the area between.  If it’s not there, don’t worry about it.  Now, hold the trigger again and twist the back spindle until the covered adhesive is just past the front roller.

Loading Scotch ATG 6 (400x349).jpg

Put the cover on the back spindle and twist into place so it locks, close the cover and you are ready to adhere.

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2 thoughts on “Loading Scotch ATG”

  1. I got one of these a few months ago and don’t use it much… because every time it runs out of tap I struggle to get it reloaded. THIS will help a lot!!


    1. So glad I can assist, Kathy. I love mine and use it all the time. The adhesive works really well, so I’m not having to put cards back together if they’ve been sitting awhile.


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