Folded Box

This is a tutorial for an origami folded box.  You will need a 12×12 inch piece of paper.  Double sided paper that is fairly heavy works best.  You will also need some adhesive and a way to score.  A 10 inch strip of paper of any width can be used for a band around your box.

Feb Box 1

Place your 12 x 12 inch piece of paper outside down.  Score at 1-1/2″, 3″, and 3-3/4″.  Turn the paper and do the same scores on the opposite side.

Feb Box 2

Now, turn your paper 90 degrees and score at 3″ and 4-1/2″ on both sides.

Feb Box 3

Now, fold and unfold along all score lines to loosen them up a bit.  When you are done, lay the paper back in the same position.  Fold all four corners to along the 4-1/2″ score line.

Feb Box 4

Turn the paper 90 degrees and fold the sides at the 1-1/2″ score line.

Feb Box 5

Now, for the most confusing part. . .take each of the little triangles in the corners (under the sides you just folded in that is part of the corner you folded down), pull it out and fold it so the side part is shorter and under the flat corner part.  [Told you it was confusing, at least until you do it, then it makes perfect sense.]

Feb Box 6

Okay, you should have the 3″ and 4-1/2″ scores lines going horizontally, with the 1-1/2″, 3″ and 3-3/4″ score lines going from top to bottom.  You will have the sides folded in at the 1-1/2″ score line, with all four corner pieces folded with the edge being straight across.

Feb Box 7

It helps if you fold and unfold along the score lines again (keeping the parts you already folded in place) to loosen up the paper a bit more.  You don’t have to do this, but it makes the next parts easier.

See, as confusing at it sounds, it really isn’t.  Now, you can see that my folder is holding the top two corner pieces down and you can see that they are along the 4-1/2″ score line.  This next part is optional, but it really helps if you do it.  Put some adhesive across between the two horizontal score lines, but up onto the edges of the corner folds (right where my folder is.  Do the same thing on the bottom.

Feb Box 8

Now, fold the side pieces on the innermost score line and both sides will meet in the center.  The adhesive will hold the sides in place.

Feb Box 9

Feb Box 10

Now, the box part is in the center.  You need to slide your finger under one of the sides in the middle section you just formed and it will open up a bit.  In the picture above, you can see how the score lines make two squares that touch at the top and bottom of the center section.  You want to fold each of those into a triangle.  (Yes, this part sounds confusing, too.)

Feb Box 11

See how when you pull it open it looks like it should fold back there?  It should.  Just crease it down.  Now do the same for all four corners.

Feb Box 12

That center section is the area where you will put your items.  The bottom flap folds up and over the center, then the top flap folds over that part.

Feb Box 13

To hold it closed, you can take your 10″ strip of paper and wrap it around with a little adhesive to hold the strip to itself.

Feb Box 14

I actually have adhesive on the top strip right at the cut edge on the upward side and on the downward side right at the cut edge of the part I am about to fold down.  It sticks together well.  Then, make a topper for it to hide the line and make your box even cuter.  I just did a simple piece to cover it.

Feb Box 15

If you don’t want to make a band, you can also tie ribbon around it, or even put a glue dot or other adhesive to hold the top flap to the bottom.

The best part about these boxes is that after you have all the folding done, you can store them flat and just pull one out when you need it.  You can always make the closure later, for whatever occasion you need the box for.

Try it, it really is pretty simple and only takes one 12×12 inch sheet of paper.  The box area holds more than you think, too.


This is one of the challenges for the Ode to the Silver Screen Crop going on over at ScrapZee this week and weekend (February 5-8, 2014).  Post a picture of one of these you’ve made and be entered in a drawing for a prize.  Check out all the other fun challenges, too.  The challenges all have something to do with the name of the movie it is under.  My movie is Rocky IV.  He was a boxer and we are going to be boxers as we are making boxes.  (I hope you’re smiling at my fun!)

Thanks for spending some time with me today!


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