Retiform Technique

This is an interesting technique that can lead to many different looks.  Basically, you mask off lines going across your base and highlight right against the line, then lighter going towards the center.  Do another angled area in a different direction and so on until you have some large and some small areas.  Then, go back and mask off the areas again and start stamping with images, moving to each of the areas.


Mine is all in reds and pinks, which makes it a bit dull (it does look better in person), but interesting, too.  There are so many different ways to do your areas, the shading, the colors, etc. that you can wind up with very different looks using this same technique.

For masking my areas, I just used Post-It Notes.

Check out the MFP SpeedyTV Tutorial Time challenge this week for lots of other looks to this technique.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!  Now, go out and have some fun!


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