ILNP Supernova Flakie

This is another nail polish post.  My daughter sent me a link when ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) first announced their pre-sale for their new Flakie collection as she thought they were amazing.  I figured it was a hint for a Christmas present, so I asked her which was her favorite.  She really liked Luna.  Now, I’m not a complete cheapskate, but I HATE to pay shipping prices and $24 for a single bottle of nail polish was a bit much.  So, as you only had to spend a bit more to get free shipping, I started looking at what they had.  The description of Supernova was pretty amazing, so, I decided to get that.  As I love holographic nail polishes, I also purchased their Mega (L).  Hey, I now got free shipping and I got to try a new brand of nail polish (though it’s more than I would normally spend on a bottle) and a new type.

When they finally arrived (remind me not to shop pre-sales as I tend to fret when I have to wait and wait and wait), in the bottle, the Supernova only showed green and magenta.  Well, I wanted to try it, so I picked Zoya Margo to put it over as that looked similar to the magenta in it.  Apparently, it was a bit too close to it as the only shift I could see was those 2 colors, none of the blues and teals that were supposed to be in Supernova.  It was neat, but I was starting to regret spending all that money.  Yesterday, I determined I needed to change polish again and as my daughter had just tried hers out over a black polish, I decided to try it again.  This time, I thought it might be fun to put it over a blue polish, so I used Zoya Ling underneath.  Here is what I got:

ILNP Supernova Shade 1   Shade, obviously.

ILNP Supernova Sun 1  And in the sun.

Now, with the bottle in the sunlight, you can see a bit of the blue in it, but inside, that really doesn’t show.  However, today, I was loving all the different colors that were showing in different lights.  The pictures really don’t do it justice.  However, here are a couple more.

ILNP Supernova Sun 2   Milo loves it when I go out back, so he had to go outside, too.  Sorry about the angle.ILNP Supernova Shade 2

So, if you have any flakie polish (it’s all the rage now and out by several companies), try layering it over different colors and see the difference it makes.

I know the first one in the sun looks like you are seeing straight through to the bottom layer, but you really aren’t.  There are so many shades of light and dark blue, magenta/violet, and green that show up in low light, as well as bright.  This is such a fun polish!

ILNP Supernova and Layers

The Margo on the right was the first bottom layer I used, which mainly pulled the magenta and green.  The Ling on the left is what pulled all the blues.  Hmm, what to try it over next?  No, I’m going to see how long I can get it to last.

If you don’t remember, I just started wearing nail polish a little over a year ago (December 2013), so I’m still not great at it, especially as it took a while to get used to wearing it.  My nails are incredibly thin and peel (health issues), too.  But, I am really loving the fun of wearing nail polish, which is one of the reasons I love holos so much.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!


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