Time Flies

It amazes me how time flies by.  It seems like just the other day I was walking the kids to and from school and making jokes with them to make things better.  It seems like just before that they were babies I was reading to.  Now, one is married and both have their own homes.  I miss them being small, but am so thrilled that they have grown and are making their own lives.

It is fun to have the house to just my husband and I – along with the dogs.  Though at times, I really miss the noise and activity of having young ones around.  Times certainly are changing.

Rob and I are planning to take a trip up to Washington, then down the Pacific Coast Highway for our 25th anniversary.  It is funny to think we’ve been married for 25 years, but it is also difficult to think of times where he wasn’t part of my life.  Planning this trip is fun, and sometimes frustrating, too.  We are both looking forward to the time together and seeing new things together.  He is also going to show me where he spent part of his youth, which will be fun.  I love how excited Rob is to show me a place he went as a teen that he is sure I will absolutely love.

I am very grateful for these extra years God has blessed me with and the time to share with my husband, children and family.  Can’t wait to see what God has in store for me in the future.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Oh, my sister-in-law makes and sells soap and she sent us some for Christmas.  I starting using one of the bars last week and was so inspired by the scent and look of it that I wanted to make some candles to match.  I tried some in the style, but other colors and scents this weekend and can’t wait to test burn one tonight.  I’m hoping it burns well, so I can order some scent and share it with you.  You should go check out my sister-in-laws site and see her handmade soaps (she’s working on lotion, too)!  Any clue which soap inspired me to make candles?


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I am a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. My favorite things to do are: read, make cards and candles, share what I've learned.

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