What is blurple?  It is a color.  Now, I read about nail polish that was a “blurple” color and thought, “Okay, purple with a blue tinge to it.   That would be fun to see.”

A few weeks ago I had a discount code for, so I went and ordered a couple new polishes in different shades, from companies I haven’t tried before.  One of them was from Elevation Polish and was called “The Walker”.  I love the name, as our family really enjoys, “The Walking Dead” show.  Tuesday evening, I cleaned my nails, the put on my base coat and added 1 layer of The Walker.  My layers are probably thicker than average, but I was amazed that there didn’t appear to be any see through spots.  That doesn’t happen very often.  Anyway, I put another much thinner layer on, just to be sure.  I’ve been doing one hand at a time recently, so I put the top coat on my left hand and started the base coat and first layer on my right.  It was then that I noticed my left hand had a much more purple look to it than the very silvery look of the right.  So, not using top coat would definitely make a difference in the color.  However, I use top coat to make it last longer and also so it doesn’t leave marks on my papers at work.

Now, I did my nails on Tuesday evening.  It is Friday morning, when I normally would have a lot of wear at the ends and some chips.  This has more to do with my nails, which are very weak, thin and peel (partly hereditary and partly medical issues).  Anyway, there is a bit of wear at the ends, but so far, no chips.  Yes!

Can I tell you, the color has been amazing me the past couple of days.  Sometimes my nails look blue.  Other times they look purple.  Sometimes they look like a bluish purple and others a purplish blue.  Then, I go out in the sunlight, or see my nails under a really bright light and the holo kicks in.  Wow!  I was driving to an appointment earlier today and noticed my nails looked dark purple with this amazing dark blue holo shimmer.  I totally get the “blurple”, now.  It’s not blue, it’s not purple, it’s blurple!

When I started wearing nail polish in December 2013, I wanted it to be fun.  Not that my nails were decorated to the nines, or anything, but I just wanted fun polish.  So, I have mostly holos, or wear glitter or some other top coat over a creme polish.  Plain creme polish bores me.  I do have some, which is useful for under other things, or for blending, or stamping, etc.  The Walker by Elevation Polish is a new favorite, as it is oh, so very fun.

3-25-15 Elevation Polish Indoors

This first picture is indoors.  You can see a bit of the holo from the sunlight, but not much.  it is still very pretty.

3-25-15 Elevation Polish The Walker

This is in direct sunlight.  Wow!  And this picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice.  It also looks almost completely purple, when it really isn’t.

Now, how to get blurple in my cards.  Maybe I’ll have to add just a touch of the nail polish.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!


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