Macadamia Professional Review

I was given shampoo, conditioner, masque and an oil treatment from Macadamia Professional in their Nourishing Moisture line to try and review.

Their stuff

I’ve been using their products for just over a week and I can definitely say they are good, in that it took about 2 days for my hair to feel incredibly more moisturized, but it does.  However, the frizz my hair is experiencing is usually only during the monsoon season.

This is my hair using just their products, drip dried and not touched.

All theirs

All theirs back

This is after I raked it out a bit with my fingers and clipped the front back.

All theirs touched

It was so frizzy I wound up putting it up in a ponytail for the day.

Here it is the next day, where after I used the oil, I added some Eden BodyWorks All Natural Curl Defining Creme on top.  Same thing, drip dried (well give it another hour and it will be dry) and not touched.

Theirs Plus

Theirs plus back

Less frizz, but it is definitely still there.

So, I like the Macadamia Professional products, but my hair definitely still has a lot of frizz.  It, is, however, much softer.

This isn’t my normal post, but thanks for checking it out.


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