Triple Stamping with a Twist

Triple stamping is a simple technique, with beautiful results.  So, my challenge for the We Craft Cards Monday challenge this week was to make a Doubled Triple Stamping project.  Basically, I just wanted 2 sets of layers for the triple stamping on 1 project.  However, for this tutorial, I cascaded both sets.  Why?  Just for fun.

First, you need a base card (yes, mine has a hole in it, but I used it on the inside), a background panel (not necessary, unless you have a hole in the base card), the layers for the 2 sets of triple stamping and some background layers for those.

Layered Challenge 1

Instead of the typical rectangles, I decided to go with the octagons.  I used the 3 dies pictured to cut out the white pieces for stamping.  Then, as I just wanted a small border, I traced around the outside and cut those out for the backgrounds.  It wound up being a bit more than I wanted, but I went with it.

Next, I laid my stamping pieces on the background to figure out how I wanted to arrange my card (and choose what stamps to use).  When I figured it out, I used a bit of adhesive on the back of the pieces to hold them in place.  Now, as I didn’t have any removable adhesive, I just used a bit of tape adhesive, but put it on my arm a couple times to make sure I would be able to get the pieces apart, afterwards.  Then, I stamped.  Now, when stamping on layered pieces, you need to press a bit harder and rock the stamp a bit to get down on all the layers.  I missed a small section, but it works, anyway.

Layered Challenge 2

As you can see, I already started coloring one stack, but left the other so you can see.  For mine, I just used colored pencils.  When I was finished with all of my coloring, I carefully took the layered pieces apart and starting using some regular adhesive to hold them onto their layered pieces and put it all back together again.

Layered Challenge 3

My pieces moved a tiny bit while I was stamping, but I just aligned them with the layer below.  I do like the cascade look, but with all the layers of card stock, it’s a bit heavy.  I also need some foam mounting tape under the edge of the smallest layer to hold it in place.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!  Check out the challenge and play along.

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