Yo Yo Spinner Card

I learned how to do this technique from a SplitCoastStampers Tutorial by Deb Valder.  This is my how to on it.

First, you need a panel that will be popped up from your card base.  You will need to have that panel stamped or decorated.  It will need to be popped up off your card base.  You will also need your spinning piece, which can be a part of your panel image, or just something separate you want to spin.  You will need a plain stamped and cut piece, and a finished stamped and cut piece.  You will also need a ROUND pop dot, two round pieces of pretty heavy acetate, some strong adhesive, a brad, about 6 inches of thin ribbon and two heavy pieces, like buttons, for the pull.

Yo Yo 1

Yo Yo 3

Now, you need to poke a hole through the center of the 2 acetate pieces, the unfinished spinning piece and the pop dot.  You also want to figure out where you want your spinning piece on the panel and poke a hole there, as well.

Yo Yo 2

Now, put your brand through the unfinished spinning piece.  Then take off the covering from one side of the pop dot and slide that onto the brad, adhered to the back of the unfinished piece.  Make sure you put one end of your ribbon between those two pieces, so it is adhered well.  Next, put one of the acetate pieces on, so it adheres to the other side of the pop dot.  Then, put the next acetate piece on against the first acetate piece.  This is how it will spin.  On top of that acetate piece, use some strong adhesive, glue dots, or something strong.

Yo Yo 6

Now, you will take this entire piece and put the end of the brad through the hole in your panel.  The bottom acetate piece should adhere to your panel.  Flip the panel over and open up the brad.  Do NOT try to squish it to flatten it.  It needs to be open, so it doesn’t pull back through the hole, but be free enough for the piece on the front to spin.

Yo Yo 7

Now, you want to put your heavier “pull” pieces on the front and back of the free end of the ribbon.  (You could also use twine, or yarn instead of the ribbon.)

After the front panel is done, you will flip it over and put 3D tape on the back.  I like to put it all around the edges, around the area where the brad is, leaving room for it to spin, as well as in other large open areas.

Yo Yo 8

You can center that on the front panel of the card.  In the above photo, I have the card open, so you can see the inside.

The last step is to adhere your finished spinning piece on top of the unfinished piece with the brad through it.  Just line it up and stick it together.

Yo Yo 9

Yep, it is as simple as that.  You just turn your spinning piece to wind it up, then the recipient can pull the dangling piece.

My video won’t link, but you can see it on my YouTube channel.  (Beware, the music is really loud.)

Thanks for spending time with me today!


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