Girls With Curls Review

I was given 3 Original Dippity-Do, Girls With Curls products by Naturally to try and then review.  This post is about how the product.

3-13-16 Girls With Curls

First is the Girls With Curls: Curl Defining Cream, which is what I used first.  This was thinner/runnier than I was anticipating, but it seems to do a great job adding the moisture my curly hair craves.  It smells like a nice fresh peach, not the overdone peach fragrance, just light and yummy.

That was followed with the Girls With Curls: Light Hold Gelee.  I have never been fond of using any type of gel, as my hair always winds up crunchy, no matter how little I use.  However, this product did not do that, at all.  Granted, it had the same crunchy wet look, until my hair was completely dry, which takes at least 3 hours, but it had ZERO crunch.  When my hair finally dried completely, it didn’t have the wet look, either.  My hair holds the curl, or, on sections I pulled straight, held the straight, really well, but is nice and soft.  It also has that nice fresh peach smell.

For a few days, I used just the first 2 products, and my hair looked and felt good.  Then I tried the third product, the Girls With Curls: Curl-Boost Spray.  This did help it look a bit shinier and my hair was quite soft and moved around easily.  Yep, this one also had that wonderful fresh peach smell.

There is almost nothing that is made with the purpose of keeping hair frizz-free that works on my hair.  I have found a couple of items, but within a couple months of using them, the frizz comes back.  I have no clue why, yet.  So, was my hair completely frizz free with these products?  No, but it wasn’t horrendous, either.  And, like I said, that has something to do with me, not the product.

These are definitely good products that I will continue using.  The peach smell is a wonderful benefit, too.  It isn’t a fake, perfume like smell, which I hate, it just smells like you took a bite of a nice fresh, ripe peach.  It isn’t overpowering, just a light scent.  I love how my hair feels while using the product, too.  So, I do recommend these.

Here’s a picture where you can see how the back looks after it is completely dry.

3-13-16 Girls With Curls Dry

Not the greatest pictures in the world, but you can see just the light frizz, and how it looks.

Thanks for spending some time with me today.  If you have curly hair and are wondering about product, I hope this helps.


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