When I Need . . .

So, there was a challenge at We Craft Cards to make a “character”, but not a people type character card.  I was trying to figure out what to do by looking at Pokemon characters and movie characters.  Wound up with Monster’s Inc.  As I couldn’t just print and fussy cut my characters, as that is against copy right laws, I went with Mike W., figuring he was the easiest to figure out.  However, there were parts that were difficult to come up with.

Here’s what I did:

8-5-16 Blog 1

First, I used some circle and oval dies to do his body, eye and mouth.  Then, used a branch die I have to make his arms and legs.  To do that, I had to cut on one side of the paper, then flip the paper over and do it from the back for the other.  There was a bit of trimming involved, but they were fairly close.

To make his mouth, I cut out the same oval as the white of his eye and used some edgers to make his teeth, then trimmed the oval to make it more mouth shaped.  Probably should have put a small pink oval behind for the inside of his mouth, but I didn’t.  (Hindsight and all.)

8-5-16 Blog 2

I wanted to include Sully, so used a light blue card stock for my card base, then used a paintbrush with a bit of a fanned head and some ink pads to get the darker blues and the bit of purple so it looked like his body.

8-5-16 Blog 3

It’s certainly not perfect, but the cut out pieces at the bottom show what I was going off of.  Those are the pieces I figured it would not be legal/ethical for me to use.  They were good inspiration.

I just cut out some little triangles from white card and inked the tips for his horns.

When you are trying to make something specific, think about other things you can adapt to make it work.

Thanks for spending some of your valuable time with me today.  Have a great weekend!


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