A Set from 1

I needed to make 3 cards that are pretty much the same, as invites.  Needed to get it done on Tuesday, to get them in Wednesday’s mail, but I failed.  Didn’t actually get them done until today, when I found a sheet of paper that I thought would work.

I could have made 6 plus cards from this one sheet of 12×12 paper, but I only needed 3, so I have some left.

8-19-16 242 R3 S1

I cut off the fun scalloped edge and figured I would use that on the cards, but wound up not using it.  So, I cut three pieces of the dotted card at 4″ x 5-1/4″.  Put that on my 3 pieces of 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″, scored at 4-1/4″ bases.

I also found some brown and yellow flowers that seemed to go well with the patterned card.  Added 2 on the outside and a small one inside each card.  Also cut out “hello” from a bit of scrap, white card.

8-19-16 242 R3 S1-2

Simple cards, that went together fairly quickly, after I found the paper to use.

Here’s another one I made this week, that was a back-to-school card.  Had a lot of fun with it, though it was a ton of work.  So, just wanted to show it to you and give you a brief description.

8-16-16 STV Back to School

Cut 2 circles, 1 in white and 1 in brown light weight card (or heavy weight paper).  Cut a bunch of 2 different colors of twine.  Untwisted all of the twine, then glued (liquid adhesive) the ends to the white circle.  Then glued the brown circle on top of that.  Now, when I gathered the “hair” into the pony and tied the bow on it, I found that the circles were just too big, so I cut it down to more of an oval.  Before I adhered the “head” piece to the base card, I stamped flowers in different shades of pink and stamped my sentiment in black.  Then, adhered the “head” and trimmed my “hair” even with the bottom of the card.  After that, I stamped some pencils and colored those with colored pencils.  After cutting them out, I tucked them into the “hair”, like you sometimes see little kids do with pencils (or their teachers).  This one is definitely fun, but oh so messy.  The twine made a huge mess, as well as being itchy.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!  Go have a marvelous rest of the day.

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