Somewhat Contained Glitter

Last weekend, I was trying to think of some Christmas Card ideas, as it is, already, September and I don’t have many done.  So, I thought about butterflies and glitter.  Here’s what I did, for a few.


Actually, what I did first, was put some 2-1/2″ double sided adhesive tape on some white card stock.  I just used the cheap kind of card stock.  Then, I took this wonderful die I got at Simon Says Stamp called Butterfly Drift, put it on top of the adhesive backer, which I had left on the top, then ran it through as a regular cut.  I didn’t add any shims, as I didn’t want it to cut all the way through.


You can kind of see the cut lines in the above picture.


Next, I pulled up the “frame” edge.  I used a paper piercer to start that, though an edge of a paperclip, or something else small and sharp would have worked, too.  I grabbed that and slowly pulled it up, to get all of it.  Then, I opened up my dark green micro-fine glitter.  (This has to be MICRO fine glitter, or it doesn’t work well.)


I dabbed my finger in and using just what was on my finger, started rubbing firmly over the adhesive that was now showing.


As you can see, there’s not much extra glitter left on the top of the adhesive liner.


Then I used that little piece of Swiffer Sweeper cloth, that I had cut off and wiped up the excess glitter.  There wasn’t much.  Quick and easy cleanup, that way.


Next, I pulled the liner off the butterflies and rubbed on gold micro-fine glitter.  Cleaned up the bit of excess glitter with another small piece of Swiffer Sweeper cloth.  I decided I didn’t want the whole piece of adhesive, as that would take too much room, so I just used my scissors and cut around the butterflies.  I used a craft knife to get that one small center piece out, too.

On the side of my card base, I used gold embossing powder and embossed my “Merry Christmas” greeting.  It didn’t show up very well against my stamped background, so I found a piece of similar green paper, embossed it on there, and adhered that.


Done.  Fairly quick and easy.  And, the glitter doesn’t fall off, as it is quite well adhered.  Also, when I was wiping off the little bit of excess glitter, I went over my piece, as well, which picked up any extra.

Thanks for spending some time with me today.


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I am a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. My favorite things to do are: read, make cards and candles, share what I've learned.

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