Detailed Dies

If you have any detailed dies, here’s one way to use them: with glitter.

7-3-17 Detailed 8


  • Detailed die
  • Double Sided tape
  • Silk Microfine Glitter – Microfine glitter is a must for this, even ultrafine is a bit too large to work well.  It will work, just not as nicely.
  • Card stock
  • Cuttlebug – with plates (any die cutting machine will do, using the cut settings/plates)
  • Craft pick (paperclip will do)

7-3-17 Detailed 1

First, adhere your double-sided tape to the card stock.  I cut a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 piece of white card stock, as that will fit in my Cuttlebug.  Then adhere the double sided tape to the card stock.  If you have a sheet of double sided adhesive, you can cut that slightly smaller than your piece of card stock.

7-3-17 Detailed 2

This would have been easier, had I cut along each strip of the taped card stock, but I didn’t.  I put the dies on top of the tape, so the would cut through the release paper of the tape, the adhesive itself and into the card stock.  I ran it through my Cuttlebug using the A, B and C plates.  This didn’t cut all the way through the card stock, but did cut into it.  I often use an extra piece of card stock as a shim, but didn’t use it, as I didn’t want to cut completely through.

7-3-17 Detailed 3

The dies do like to slip on the release paper and tape doesn’t work very well on it either, so just put your stack together and hold it firmly until it goes through your machine.

Now came the fun and sparkly part.  I used a craft pick to pull up pieces of the release paper.  The end of an unfolded paperclip, or anything else sharp that you can get to pick up an individual piece of the release sheet will work.  Once the piece, or pieces you want up are up, use your first color of microfine glitter and apply to the sticky areas.  I just dipped my finger in the glitter, then rubbed it on the area until it was covered.  Make sure the stickiness is pretty well gone.  Before moving to the next color of glitter, use a piece of Swiffer Sweeper cloth or something else to pick up any leftover glitter on your piece.  Continue until finished.

7-3-17 Detailed 4

7-3-17 Detailed 5

At this point, I used some scissors to go around the edges and cut my pieces out.  It should be partially cut around the edges, or at least thinner there, so the cutting may just be running sharp scissors around the edges.

7-3-17 Detailed 6

And now, you have pieces to work create with.

7-3-17 Detailed 7

I cut the butterfly across 2 pieces of the adhesive, so have a slight line, where the adhesive pieces weren’t perfectly matched.  This would have been a good time to use a sheet of adhesive to make sure it was large enough for my die.

Then, I just added some paper and sentiment stamps to create 3 cards.

7-3-17 Detailed 8

This is one fun way to play with some of the intricate dies you might have.

Thank you for spending some of your valuable time with me today!


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