Penny Sliders

What is a penny slider?  I’m sure there is more than one type, but for card making/paper projects, you have a track cut out of your top piece.  This track is usually 1/2″, but can be slightly smaller or larger.  This track is where your image, or whatever, will slide.  It can be any shape, or length.  Just make sure it has a stopping point at each end.

This front piece can be decorated however you like, but make sure nothing will stop your image piece from sliding freely.

Now, the whole front piece will need to be lifted up off the base, so your piece will slide.

Under the track, you will place your penny.  The penny gives it weight, to cause it to slide.  Now, make sure your track is not as wide as your penny, or even too close to it’s width, or it will slip out.  That is not fun when someone is playing with your project.

On top of the penny, you want to use a round foam piece with adhesive on both sides.  Many companies sell these, or you can make your own.  The “foam” is to create some space between the penny and your image/slider piece, so it can move along the track.  The adhesive is to attach it to the penny (on the bottom) and the image/slider piece on the top.  This piece should be smaller than the width of your track.

Make sure your image/slider piece is large enough that 1) it won’t slip through the track and 2) it covers up the penny piece.

Now, if you have a penny with one round “foam” piece, your image is going to twist around and around as it slides.  The first slider I made had an airplane for the image, that spun around as it traveled the track.  It was when my brother first got his pilots license, so was rather funny.  However, if you don’t want your image to spin around, you can use either a longer piece, so it’s not round, or two round pieces side by side.

For the swan sliders I made for Mother’s Day cards this year, I used a round piece for the front, but as I had baby swans attached and sliding behind the “mom” swan, I put a smaller round foam piece on one of the babies, so they slid along the track, rather than spinning.

This may sound complicated, but once you get your supplies out, it is super simple to figure out and make.

Step 1.  Pull out your supplies: front piece, base piece, penny, image/slider piece, rounded foam adhesive, 3D mounting adhesive.

Step 2.  Cut the track(s) in your front piece.

Step 3.  Decorate everything.

6-5-18 Slider Step 1-3

Step 4.  Put 3D mounting adhesive around the edges of your top piece, as well as along the sides of your track, leaving enough room for your penny to move freely.  Make sure this adhesive is on the BACK of your piece.  I like to do this part before putting the slider together, as I use foam mounting tape that has a covering over the top.  I leave it covered until I’m ready to put the top piece on the base piece.

6-5-18 Slider Step 4

Step 5.  Put your rounded foam adhesive piece on your penny.  Then, lay this foam piece into the track, with the penny on the back side of the track.  Flip the whole piece over so it is facing up with the foam piece(s) sticking up through the track.  Then adhere your image/slider to the front side of your foam piece.

6-5-18 Slider Step 5

Step 6.  Adhere the whole panel to your base.

6-5-18 Slider Step 6

Because I only used one of those small round foam adhesives between the penny and the owl image, my image spins around as it slides.

6-5-18 Slider Assembled

Step 7.  Move your assembled piece back and forth through the track several times to get it sliding freely.  And, it is now complete.

Here are a few examples I’ve done.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!  Give this a try and show me what you’ve made.  In fact, this is a challenge in the Card Crop on today.  It is simple and free to join and we have lots of challenges coming up in the next few days.

Please, show me some penny sliders you’ve made.  Click on the InLinkz URL below to add a link to your picture.

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