Again for Erika

So, here are the MFT Summer School challenges, that I did again, with Erika and my challenge in mind.

Day 1: Triangles

8-7-20 WCC MFT Triangles

Spent more time trying to rehydrate my Nuvo Embellishment Mousse, than anything else.  Distilled water works, as long as it hasn’t completely dried out.  A lot of work, though.

Day 2: Rainbow

8-7-20 MFT Rainbow

I used some MFT rainbow paper, as well as their rainbow set and die.  Yes, the actual rainbow is out of order, but I still like it.  Definitely had fun and got very inky with this one.

Day 3: Symmetry

8-7-20 MFT Symmetry

Yes, I have 2 of these.

Day 4: Ombre’

8-8-20 MFT Ombre

I embossed everything on the vellum with purple embossing powder, then went back and embossed just the unicorn with a glitter embossing powder that had purples, blues, greens, etc. in it.  Added a bit of glitter here and there on the unicorn, as well.

Day 5: White Space = Black Space

8-8-20 MFT Black space

Opal blaze through a stencil uses a LOT of the blaze.  It’s much prettier in real life.  I also used a triangle and ombre’ on this, as well.

Thanks for taking some of your valuable time and spending it with me today.


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I am a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. My favorite things to do are: read, make cards and candles, share what I've learned.

10 thoughts on “Again for Erika”

    1. I’m glad you like it, but “white space” is really difficult for me. I like some, but this is a whole lot. Not a favorite. I did have lots of fun trying different things.

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  1. Love the masked heart and partial stenciling on the first one; great colors, too. Very cool that you stenciled over the patterned paper. I didn’t even notice the color order on your rainbow; I just see fun colors! The black and white with the gold greeting is stunning, and two cards for the price of one is always a bonus! Love both your glittery unicorn and that adorable guy peaking out of your triangle frame as well! Great collection of cards!

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  2. All look so lovely! It shows you had fun with each one. Totally love the background with rainbow and I didn’t notice it being out of order. So fun to share the excitement and challenges with your friend.

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    1. Thanks Lisa! Rainbows are fun, no matter the order. When I make a rainbow, I have all the leftover pieces of each color, so make a whole lot more that are in different orders, cause’ throwing all those pieces away is just wrong. 😉


  3. You’ve been really busy and the result is a wonderful collection of different styles and ideas. My favourite is the black and white one and the next fave is the last one. I like the last one for its simplicity and using the black makes it very striking.

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