Friend Fun

I hope you are having a wonderful Easter 2021. We were able to get together with family again this year, which was nice, but also a lot. Couldn’t get everyone together at once, so 2 get togethers. However, I did have a bit of time to play this weekend and got these 2 cards done.

Build a Birdhouse

Lots of texture and layers on this one. There is a lot of dimension that you can’t really see in each of these birdhouses. Put a bluebird of happiness on each one, as well. This was my last Easter card and was done for my BFF. The challenge this past week was to use a birdhouse with a twist. My twist was lots of fun colors and layers. This was hand delivered, as it was not going to go through the mail. All of the dies were from MyFavoriteThings.


This one was done for the MFT Sketch challenge this week. The fence die is from them, as is the plaid patterned paper, and the fun Bunny stamp. Had a lot of fun creating this one. It was pretty quick and easy, as I had already stamped and colored the bunny. It was just a matter of cutting it out. I used the exact same die I used for the green piece behind it, but made it smaller, as I didn’t want it that large.

Even if you only have a few minutes, find some pieces you have laying around that you never used and put together a fun card. On this one, the sentiment is inside. You can design a card however appeals to you. It’s something made by you, so use what you want how you want. There are no set rules for making a card. When I started making cards, as a kid, it was all about a long sentiment I created with fun fonts on the computer, then a fun digi image printed on the front. I’ve come a long way in my creating since then . . . less writing and more creating in fun ways. But, use what you have and make it from you. You will encourage someone else.

Thanks for spending some of your valuable time with me today.

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I am a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. My favorite things to do are: read, make cards and candles, share what I've learned.

12 thoughts on “Friend Fun”

  1. These are lovely. I really like the birdhouse one and the colours are pretty. Nice design too. The 2nd one is cute and i like the layout of your bunny background.

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    1. Thanks Bonnie. It was fun to be with family, and most were fully vaccinated, but as I’ve only had my first shot, I was trying to be careful.


  2. Love both cards! I love birdhouses and this one is super cute! Yes, I printed the sketch and hopefully will get to it. Your sketch card is quite lovely.

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  3. Your birdhouse card is adorable as is that sweet bunny. I enjoyed reading about your journey in card making and that you keep it fun. People tell me I should try to sell my cards but I remind them that would take the fun out of creating for friends and family. Thanks for sharing. So happy you had family for Easter.

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    1. Thanks Gayle! It would be terrible to NOT have fun making cards. Stick with loving what you do, but be willing to sell some here and there if someone wants to buy some. 😉


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