Peeking In

A friend of mine got the Online Card Classes Holiday Card Workshop 2021 and was given permission to “share” it with me. As it is her class, I can share my cards here, but not in the gallery. So, here is week 1:

Day 1 was “Nighttime Lights”. I did have fun with this one.

These were done on a triangle fold base, which is great, as you still have a full A2 size panel inside for writing.

Day 2 was “Mass Produced Cards”. This one took too much time and boy did I get inky. It was fun using a Concord and 9th Turn About Set, though. There are 6 cards in my set. The front and center one was my tester. I like it enough to give away, but decided to change it up a bit for the rest.

Day 3 was “Full-Card Shaker Cards”. I’ve done these before and really enjoy them. This one, a couple of my pieces were a bit big and as I embossed the panel, things catch a bit more. It seems more like fall to me this way. I also used Thanksgiving as my “holiday” for this one.

Day 4 was “Easy 2 for 1 Gel Press Printing”. I have done this before and enjoyed it. Yesterday I was having tons of trouble with it. Finally got a couple I liked enough to use. It’s sad when the sheets where I rolled off the extra paint were better than the panels I was working on.

Day 5 was “Dry Embossing”. I have embossed with a stencil many times, but everything was just going wrong, yesterday. I wound up ripping a brand new stencil, but used it for the background piece, anyway. The ornament was embossed using a different stencil, then I inked through the stencil, as well. It was a faded inked piece. Added a bit of bling to the ornament to jazz it up.

The “Merry Christmas” was cut out of a red shimmer sheet, so this card has all kinds of sparkle to it.

This is a 12 day class, but I never know when I’ll have time to participate, so as I got these done, I’m sharing them, now. So you know, this year’s Christmas cards are vertical. Next year’s are horizontal. Some of these are for next year.

Have a great weekend! Thank you for spending some of your valuable time with me today.


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I am a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. My favorite things to do are: read, make cards and candles, share what I've learned.

14 thoughts on “Peeking In”

  1. So fun to see your talents. What makes you sad is what keeps me creating. I will never forget the day it was suggested to me to play with my soiled stencil instead of cleaning it straight away. Usually the mono-prints are more to my liking then the piece I was trying to stencil!

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    1. It’s mostly things I’ve done before, but encouraging everyone to give it a try. You’ll see most of the stuff on here, without their details. I did try using embossing ink around the edge of a panel and embossing the edge. It turned out pretty decent – that was my practice piece.
      Thank you!

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    1. Have fun with them, Judy. You’ve probably done most of the things they do, but they’re trying to get us to try things and maybe try things in a different way.


    1. Thanks Gerry! Those took a bit of time, but I enjoyed making them. Did the ink blending with Distress Oxide inks, then used some Perfect Pearls with pigment ink for the aurora look.


  2. this looks like a fun class and you certainly had fun creating all of these cards. I like them all but think the shaker is my favorite one. The inked off gel press sheets will look good on other cards, but I understand why you felt sad. Too bad about the torn stencil.

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  3. Great cards from your friend’s on line class. Hope you can use your gel press ink off sheets and sorry for your troubles but the cards look great. Hard to chose a favorite.

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