Hi, my name is Golda Peterson.  I am a child of God, a wife, mother of two, work part time, love to read and am an avid crafter.  I have cut back on all my diverse crafts and limited myself to card making and candle making.  Well, I still make the occasional cake and do a few other things here and there, too.

Card making started when I was about 7 or 8.  Back then, it was all about the words with a clip art image put on that went along with what I had to say.  Through the years I have gravitated to making a card fit a person, then after all that work, not knowing what to say.  Making cards fun and interesting began with a trip to a craft fair and seeing Lasting Impressions templates being used.  It took 3 days of going back and just watching before I made my first purchase, but I’ve never looked back.  In the past couple of years I have been introduced to many different techniques and tools.  I sure have fun making cards!  I’m hoping that by sharing some of my cards and the techniques I use you will develop a love for the craft, too.

Candle making started when my husband and I were first married and didn’t have much money for Christmas gifts.  What I had was a coupon for a craft store, so I went and searched for something I could make several presents with and not spend much money.  I came home with a candle making kit.  That first experience was painful and messy, but I fell in love with the craft.  I have definitely progressed from simple paraffin candles that are cute, but can’t really be burned.  I have made beeswax, soy, paraffin and palm wax candles.  The past couple of years I have concentrated on palm wax candles and really love them.  I get burned frequently, cut my hands on the molds, sweat unbelievably,  but am so thrilled when the candles turn out, that I go back and do it all again and again.  As I love burning candles, but want clean burning ones that are the color and scent that I want, even if that doesn’t match, I make my own.  I’ve sold a few and given many away as gifts and everyone seems to love them.  So, I thought I would share some of my wax adventures with you.

Growing up, whenever I would put nail polish on, it would be off within a few hours to possibly I could keep it on for a day or two.  Why?  My nails felt like they were suffocating.  When my daughter was about 12, we went to the state fair and found a kit for nail stamping and nail art.  She seemed quite interested and it wasn’t expensive, so I got it for her.  Over the years, she has done some amazing nail art and learned many techniques.  She almost always has nail polish on, too.  In December 2013, I got a coupon for a free manicure at a salon, so I went.  I wasn’t thrilled, as it was smudged by the time I got in the car to leave.  However, my daughter was thrilled, so she found a close color polish in her collection to fix the mess.  I was able to keep that polish on for 4 to 5 days without feeling too much like my nails were being smothered and my daughter was so thrilled that I was actually wearing polish, that I decided to try it myself.  Since then, I have found that others experience the same feeling and different ways to deal with it, gained many bottles of polish, and tried many types and colors.  Now, I’m still not very good at applying it, but can generally clean the mess around my nails up and have lots of fun with different colors and am trying new techniques.  I have to tell you, if it’s not fun, it doesn’t last, so holographics are my favorite.  I’m trying to learn stamping, too.

As God is the purpose as well as the author, creator and sustainer of my life, you are going to get words of encouragement from Him.  I’ll probably share some of the ways He blesses me, too.  Whether or not you want to hear about God, I can’t help sharing the hope I have and the reason for it.  That’s who I am.

Hopefully I’ve gotten you a little curious and you are willing to join me on this new adventure.  Welcome along for the ride!


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. I came across your site via Pinterest and have made one of your “star in a star” tea bag models (thanks for the tutorial!) that purple candle on the home page is simply gorgeous!

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    1. So glad you made something fun! Thanks for saying that about the candles. I love making Palm Wax candles, as you never know quite how they will look, but they are always beautiful.


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