Just a few:


Amaretto Nog

Bird of Paradise

Blackberry Marmalade

Black Currant and Nectarine

Cinnamon Buns- Smells just like them.

Cinnamon Stick – Sharp cinnamon.

Coconut- Simple and comforting.

Dragon’s Blood – This one is intriguing, like walking past an incense shop.


Himalayan Bamboo – Fresh scent.

Lime Cooler – Definite lime scent, but more like a wine cooler than a fresh lime.

Love Spell

Mulberry – Sweet and comforting.

Orange Sherbet – Very sweet.

CA Orange – Orange tree, not sweet.


Pina Colada

Sage and Pomegranate – (??) This reminds me of digging in the herb garden.

SO Beach – Fruity drink.


Vanilla Hazelnut – Smells more like hazelnut cold, but warm it smells like almonds.

Very Vanilla – Like cake.

A pair of votives is $4.

A 3×3″ round is $10.

A 3×41/2″ round is $15.

A 3×6″ is $20.

I am using Palm Wax which has the interesting pattern you see on the pictured candles.


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