My daughter’s bridal shower was yesterday.  I showed you some of the frosting in an earlier post, but wanted to show you my past couple of days and the finished product.

Here are the cupcakes.

Lots of Cupcakes

A few of the frosted cupcakes.  Yes, just a few of them.

A Few of the Frosted Cupcakes

The roses:


And, the assembled cake.

The Cake

It was kind of nice using cupcakes as everyone had their own individual portion and no one had to cut the cake.  Everyone loved it, both the look and the taste, though I doubt anyone would have said anything had they not liked it.  I did hear a lot of people say they liked it, though.  What was funny was that the 3 pink ones in the center were the first to be taken.  I think only 1 person took one with a rose on it, which was funny, too.

There were only about 20 of us there, so I sent home as many as possible with people for their significant others and/or children and still wound up with a lot coming home.

When I started frosting them, I remembered why, other than the fact that my family got tired of cakes, that I stopped making and frosting cakes.  I get so frustrated when things don’t turn out just the way I think they should.  Especially when it should be easy to do.  Oh, and I don’t have as much strenth in my hands and wrists as I used to, either.  Oh well.  I did have fun with this and it was great that everyone enjoyed it, which made my daughter happy.  So, it was worth it.  Also found out that the little dog loves frosting.  Yep, I dropped some on the floor and after that he wouldn’t leave my side just in case I dropped more.  I did, so he was happy.

Thanks so much for spending some time with me today.  I really enjoy your visiting and sharing a bit in my life.