Simple Butterfly Card

The Sketch Challenge this week at CardMaker is a beautiful, simple sketch.  The Color Challenge this week at StampTV was also quite simple and neutral.  So, using both I came up with a very simple butterfly card using the following supplies.

I looked through my paper to find paper that matched the color, then determined what I actually wanted the card to look like with those.  I changed my mind a bit as I went along, but came up with something I liked.  The pretty green patterned paper I got at a paper swap at CardMaker.  There is actually a paper swap going on monthly, as well as a button swap, if you are interested in trading in some of your supplies for some new ones.  Anyway, here is the card I came up with.

I didn’t add a sentiment, yet, as I’m not sure what I will use it for.  It is nice to have a selection of cards that can have a sentiment added and be used for many different occasions.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wedding Card in Chocolate

My favorite way to make a card is by thinking of the person I am making the card for and the occasion.  The card I made today is for the wedding of a girl who grew up with my daughter.  I asked her mother what the wedding colors were: chocolate-brown, tan and gold with sunflowers.  Many different ideas came to me, but as I looked through my papers, I found a bunch of brown and cream that were really quite nice.  The papers were 12×12, so the images are large for scrap booking.  I needed to only use part of the page for a card, so I had to determine which images would work for what I was looking for.  As I got started, these were my supplies:

I started off with the brown and cream patterned paper, a piece of cream cardstock for the actual card, a punch out that goes with the paper, some Memento Rich Cocoa ink and some gold ribbon.  I determined which direction I wanted the card to open and orientation, then determined I wanted to use the lower right corner of the patterned paper for my background.  I cut that piece, then smoothed the edges of my punch out and inked them.  I also cut a piece of the ribbon long enough, then determine how wide it should be to fit through the slots on the sentiment punch out and cut it width wise.  When I got the pieces together, I realized that I had forgotten the gold sunflowers that I had intended to use (that was my first idea).  So, I used some gold shimmer paper, dry embossed a sunflower and cut it out.  I wanted to use a brown button in the center, but looking through my buttons, found I didn’t have any that were the correct size.  So, I found two buttons I thought would both look good and had my daughter take a look.  She picked the one I used.  I took in all the pieces laid out so she would have an idea of how it was going to look.  I find it helpful to get another opinion when putting things together if I’m not absolutely positive about something from the way I lay it out to a piece on it, etc.

Now it was time to put everything together.  I slid the gold ribbon through the sentiment and determined that needed to be centered at the top.  Before I adhered it, I laid the sunflower at the bottom to make sure I had my placement correct.  I adhered the sentiment, then adhered the button to the sunflower with a glue dot.  Because of the look of the button, I determined not to tie anything through the button holes.

The finished card.  The colors, as well as the flower are all there and the leaves on the patterned paper look like they should be near a flower.  I’m sure she will enjoy the card.  I gave her a candle I had made as a present.  She is in the midst of the ceremony now and I’m sure she and her beau will have a wonderful life together.  That’s not to say there won’t be a lot of hard work involved.

Thanks for sharing this celebration with me!

Having Fun with Paper

Today I only had to spend an hour at work.  I do have to work all day Friday, which I normally don’t, which is why.  Anyway, it was fun to get to come home and spend a little time working on cards.  I actually tried a few of the different background techniques Gina K has been demonstrating on StampTV recently.  My efforts weren’t very good, but I have a pretty good idea of what is wrong, so I’ll keep working on it.

Here are the cards I actually made today:

This one is the Sketch Challenge on CardMaker Magazine’s Card Swap that started today.  The flower sheet is one of the background pieces I tried.  I added some rhinestones to flower centers to try to make it look a little better.  Check out the challenge as it just started today, so you have until next Tuesday at midnight CST to enter.

This one is for both the Sketch Challenge on StampTV and the Weekly Challenge on CardMaker.  The sketch you can see.  The weekly challenge was to make a manly card with no ribbon, glitter, etc.  Check them out and see what you come up with.  Half the fun is coming up with an idea.  This one is for my father who is a locksmith.  He is also intrigued by antiques, so he’ll like it.  I stamped the keys with brown ink and then embossed with gold embossing powder.

Thanks for taking the time to share my creative outlet with me.  Take the time to check out Isaiah 40 this week.  It is such a comforting and encouraging chapter.  Enjoy the rest of your week!

Cards Made at Crop

This is going back, but I’ve been busy recently and wanted to share the cards I made at the CardMaker Magazine/CardSwap February Crop.  We have a new crop coming up in May that will be tons of fun, so make sure you set some time aside!

This one was a challenge where we were given a recipe of items to use on a card and then we had to make a card from that recipe.  It was quite fun.  And, everyone’s card was quite different from the next.

This was a monochrome color challenge,using yellow.  I also followed the sketch challenge on StampTV and came up with my Sunshine card.  You can tell I embossed the triangles in the corner, then used Sakura glaze pens to bring out the yellow on some areas.  It was supposed to be monochrome, so only one color, but I didn’t notice the little white dots on the oval paper until the next day when I saw it in natural light.  It was still mostly yellow, and I liked it.

This one was a sketch challenge.  I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but was fairly pleased with it.  The colors went together quite nicely and I tried some new things.

This one was a corner bookmark challenge.  I’m not too enthusiastic about the corner bookmarks, but my son had asked for a bookmark using this dragon image, so I figured it would work.  The way the corner bookmarks work, this can only be used on right hand pages, or just stuck in between the pages like a regular bookmark.  My son really likes it and got lots of nice comments from other students and teachers at school when he first took it.  I used Sakura glaze pens for all of the coloring, so it stands out quite nicely.  The red triangle is a shimmer sheet, so it sparkles nicely, too.

This challenge was to use lyrics from your favorite song and make a card.  As I couldn’t come up with a favorite song at the time, I asked my husband what his favorite song was and he came up with this one.  (Can you tell it was a rough week at work?)  I actually had a lot of fun making the card and figured it would work well for someone to give to their boss on retiring, or just for someone retiring in general.  Definitely NOT something you would want to give in anything other than humor!!!

The challenge on this one was to use something that had been printed for another use.  M husband came up with this idea for his mother’s birthday.  The magnifying glass has Glossy Accents so it shines.  Neither of us was totally impressed with the card, but we both figured it was the old woman figure that put us off.  Yes, we are still planning on giving it to my MIL for her next birthday.

This challenge was to make a card that would make someone laugh.  I loved the Penny Black stamp from the Bubbles set of the cat and mouse each taking a bath, so decided to go with the thought of giving a cat a bath.  From experience, I know it usually winds up with lots of scratches on the person, so I added some scratches to the woman going to do clean up afterwards.  Not sure how I’ll use this card, but thought it was funny.  Neither of my children, nor my husband, got it, but a lot of the ladies on the forum did.  (We aren’t a cat family.)

This challenge was to decorate something you love.  My children, husband and dogs didn’t want to be decorated, so I wound up decorating a candle I had made.  I’ve been burning it ever since (minus the decoration as that would be dangerous).  It is a coconut candle I made and actually looked better in person than in the picture as the colors don’t seem to go together too well in the picture.

I put my challenge for Friday about using blue flock up as a post, so I won’t repost that picture.

This challenge was to use a one inch square on a two-inch square on a card.  Inchies and Twinchies aren’t my favorite, but I actually liked how this one turned out.  The “J” is on the inchie which is at an angle on the twinchie with the other letters and an embossed dragonfly.  We also had to have an image on the card.  I used stickers rather than stamps for my letters, but they were all shades of purple.

One of our hosts absolutely loves butterflies, so her challenge was to use either a butterfly, bee, or bird (anything that flew) on a card.  I had a card kit from a swap of kits that we had done not too long ago that I used for most of this card.  It is always nice to have a few things that you wouldn’t normally have to use.

The challenge on this one was to make a wrapper for a candy bar.  My husband gave me a candy bar someone at work had given to him, so I had to wrap it up and give it back for a special occasion.  This was the weekend before Valentine’s Day, so he got an “Instant Vacation” for the holiday.

The last challenge I completed was one to decorate a container and make at least three encouraging sayings to go inside it.  Mine was fairly simple, but decorating the container was quite a bit of trouble.  I didn’t have any StazOn ink in black, and trying to cover a tin container with regular black ink just didn’t work well at all.  (That container wound up being recycled.)  I finally just made a black piece to cover the top and the edges went along with the teal, so I left them alone.  My husband really liked this one as he also got it for Valentine’s Day.  I did have to go back and round the corners on each of my pieces as my measuring was just slightly off when I made them.  I also trimmed the edges just a hair.

Whew, it was a busy weekend, but it was a LOT of fun!  We had several new players join in and they had quite a bit of fun, too.  There was only one challenge I didn’t complete and that was making a small picture album.  I’m not into picture albums, so figured it wasn’t something I would give away and didn’t need.  Also, it has been my goal the past several crops to not complete every challenge as the first few crops I participated in, I did WAY too many things.  Yes, I’m a bit OCD.  I think the biggest challenge is choosing which challenge NOT to participate in and then sticking to that.

Do join us for the next crop coming up in May.  It is easy enough to do whichever challenges you want and skip the others.  We also have plenty of time to complete the challenges as we have until the following Tuesday at midnight CST to post our creations.  All you have to do is take a picture and post it digitally to the challenge thread.  Please plan to join us!

Blue Suede Shoes with Flock

I am hosting one of the challenges in the CardMaker “Break Out of the Blues” crop.  My challenge is to be Elvis and give me some Blue Suede Shoes.  Use blue flock to make some shoes (any type of shoe is fine) look suede.

To start, I gathered supplies.  The pair of shoes is a clipart image I found online and printed out.  To get started, I put my image on a light table and used a blue pen to trace the image onto my cardstock.  If you don’t have a light table, you can use a glass table with a light underneath, or just tape the image to a window with the sun or a light behind.

Then I used a glue pen (mine was a Martha Stewart Fine Tip Glue Pen, but there are many different kinds and any will do) to fill in the areas I wanted the suede look on the shoes.  After I got the glue on the image, I covered the image with blue flock and pressed down with my finger to get it to stick fairly thickly.  I let it sit like that for about 15 minutes to make sure it was good and dry before dumping off the extra flock (I poured it on a sheet of folded paper so I could get the extra back in the container) and tapping the back to get off loose flock.

I used a glitter gel pen to color in the heels and give it a bit of sparkle.  That is also what I traced the image in.  Next I cut the image down to the size I wanted for my card.

While the glue was drying, I cut my background paper and embossed it with the Allegro Cuttlebug embossing folder.  The song was my theme, so I wanted to make it a bit musical.

After embossing, I used some blue ink and a dauber (you can use a small sponge) to lightly rub a bit of color over the background and make the music stand out.  As long as you rub lightly, it just highlights a bit.

Then I put it all together and came up with my finished card.  I was pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Please check out the crop and make a card with some Blue Suede Shoes for my challenge.  CardMaker is offering some fabulous prizes for each of the challenges!  You have plenty of time to play.

Nestabilities, Pop Ups and Putting Things Together

Sometimes, when making a card, you have a great idea, but realize you don’t have what you need.  So, you figure out what you have to work with and come up with a modified idea.

Here’s a card I did at the end of December.

I started off using two “spring” colors that I thought went well together.  After making my base card, I knew I wanted to use my Spellbinders Nestibilities Labels 8 for the main focus.  I cut that out, then embossed the piece. 

As I wanted to make a pop-up card, I needed to make a “door”, so used Spellbinders Nestibilities Labels 1 for that.  These two label dies seem to go well together. 

To make the “door” I layered Cuttlebug Plate A, Plate B, my Labels 8 cut out paper, the Labels 1 die ridge side down, then Plate C.  Because I did not want to cut the entire Label 1, I pulled the Plate B – paper – die – Plate C slightly down so just the edge of the die was NOT over Plate A.  It took a bit of jockeying around to get everything lined up correctly.  When I was done, this is what I had (this piece is not embossed, but if you are going to emboss, it needs to be done before the partial cut is made). 

You can then fold back the door.  For my inside “pop out” piece, I used the Cuttlebug A2 Tag Team Butterfly die and embossing folders.  This is such a fun die and with the 4 different embossing folders it can be used in so many differing ways. 

Underneath the butterfly, I used small strips of the green paper and accordion folded them.  As I wanted the butterfly to look like it was flying out, the pieces on the top and left are a bit longer than the ones on the bottom and right.  To hold my door shut, I found a “latch” that I though went well with my design.

I made a couple of these cards: one with embossing, one without embossing, and held up different “latches” to see which I liked best.  I also tried the cards being wider rather than taller.  Taking a look at how things fit together with the pieces is quite helpful before putting it all together.

Thanks for taking the time to walk through this with me.  Please take the time to check out the “Beat the Blues” Card Crop that starts tomorrow morning 8am CST on the CardMaker Forum.  You do as many, or as few challenges as interest you, post a picture of your finished challenge and are entered into a drawing for that challenge.  Click on the link and check it out.  The crop runs Wednesday through Saturday and CardMaker Magazine is offering some fantastic prizes for each of the challenges, as well as a grand prize for one participant.  I hope to see you there!

Easel and Movable Cards

Had a bit of fun with challenges this week.  The weekly challenge at CardMaker is to make an easel card, while the sketch challenge at StampTV was cute, too.  The question was, how to combine the two.  Had fun with this card I made for my husband’s grandmother.

I have since added 3 small rhinestones to the top of the butterfly strip to make sure grandma won’t have problems getting the card to stay open.  I’m hoping she will be able to figure out how it works.

Later this week, the sketch challenge from CardMaker and the color challenge from StampTV went together quite nicely.

The truck slides along the ribbon.  My idea was to have the hearts pop out as the truck slid along, but there wasn’t enough room on the card, so they are affixed to the background.  This one isn’t too fancy, as I didn’t put borders around the smaller background piece, but I wanted simple and fun.  That was definitely accomplished.  I have since added part of a paperclip to the back of the bed of the truck around the ribbon to keep it sliding evenly along.  Because the buttons used for the wheels are so large, this is not one I will be sending through the mail.  My husband should get a kick out of it, as my son and I both think it is fun.

There is still time to participate in any of the challenges, so please click on the links and check them out.  Enjoy your weekend!

(My comments section is at the top of each post.  Thanks for your feedback!)

Quick Sketches

The weekly sketch challenge on CardMaker was to use one of the previous sketches.  The board with the sketches is here.  As we are celebrating my grandmother’s 83rd birthday tomorrow, I wanted to give her some cards and figured I would make a few of the sketches.  I only got 5 done, but that was pretty good with my time constraints.  Here’s what I came up with:

Check out the sketches and see what you come up with.  The last card was also used in the Stamp TV color challenge for this week.  You can also see that I did another pinwheel.  I like this one much better.  There is plenty of time to participate.

Spinning Thoughts

The weekly challenge on the CardMaker Magazine Forum this week is to make a pinwheel.  I came up with so many different ideas for how I wanted it to look.  What I wound up with didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped.  I will have to try this one again, soon.  The ribbon I used has glitter embedded in it, which means I have pink glitter all over, now.

Taking the time to try something new is usually worth it.  Even if it doesn’t turn out, I have ideas for ways I can do it differently so it might work better.  I like the idea of blue paper behind the pinwheel, but using a lighter blue would probably look better, maybe with some white ink sponged on to make it look like a sky.  I think even brighter papers for the pinwheel itself would look better.  Probably paper with a small pattern would look better, too.  I tried the corners by eyeballing it rather than measuring.  They aren’t too bad, but to make me feel more comfortable, I’ll measure next time.

What would you do differently?  Besides just telling me your ideas, try them out and then post your card in the challenge thread I have linked above.  Who knows, you might win a small prize!

Glitter, Glitter Everywhere

Okay, there isn’t glitter everywhere, but it does fly when being used.  I also rubbed my hands all over the dog when I was done to give her a bit of shine.

This card is a combination of two challenges.  The first one was a sketch challenge on the CardMaker Magazine Forum.  The second was a color challenge from StampTV.  I had fun figuring out what I wanted to do.  The card is for my uncle’s birthday, so it couldn’t have ribbon or flowers on it.

To make this card, I figured out what order I wanted to put the colors in, then cut out my pieces.  After I had all my brown and turquoise pieces cut, I tried something different and adhered the strips of brown to the strips of turquoise before running them through my Cuttlebug to emboss them.  It worked quite well as the embossing lines up perfectly without even trying.  It saved doing it twice, too.  I knew I wanted to layer my stamped image on turquoise, but wasn’t sure whether to stamp it in brown, or turquoise, so I did both and decided the brown looked much better.  I used a glue pen to cover the elephant in glue, then poured on the glitter and pressed down to make it stick.  After it dried for a few minutes, I flicked the back of the card to make sure all loose glitter was off, then blew on it to remove stray bits of glitter.  I had to use my finger to wipe away a few stubborn pieces.  I wound up with a fun, guy birthday card.

Thanks for sharing some of your time with me.  Please check out the challenges as anyone can enter, and they are quite fun.