Ombre Nails along with Paper

These were my nails for the weekend:

8-1-14 Nails Nails 8-1-14 Left

I used Essie Barbados Blue all over with Zoya Muse going 2/3 of the way up, then the top 1/3 I did another layer.

Nails 8-1-14 Bottles Nails 8-1-14 Labels

Unfortunately, the tips were wearing in a day and that was using gloves and being careful.  Oh well, gives me an excuse to put on something new.

Here is a card I made this weekend, along with some paper flowers.  Working on the flowers really did a number on my nails.

8-2-14 SZ Not a Card (400x318) 8-2-14 SZ STV Watercolor (400x260)


Used 2 different gold embossing powders, then watercolor painted the flowers with the same paint, on the same paper, with the same application.  It amazes me how the different colors of the embossing made the flowers look such different colors.

Thanks for spending some time with me!  Now, I’m off to spend some time with my husband.  Have a wonderful week.


Themed Cards

I needed a fun card for a 60s themed birthday (he was turning 60) and came up with this.

4-22-14 SZ Baby Wipe 60s


  • Alcohol Ink (Ranger)
  • Baby wipe
  • Follow Your Dreams (Gina K) – sentiment
  • Gleefully Yours (Gina K) – image

Thought this would be perfect for the MFP SpeedyTV Inspirational Challenge this week, too.  For the bright colorfulness, which was my 60s theme, too.

The ScrapZee Wednesday challenge this week was to do teabag folding and make a dragonfly.  I needed to make Mother’s day cards, so I followed the MFP SpeedyTV SWAT challenge and came up with 3 different versions.  The red is for my Mother In Law, the purple for my grandmother and the teal/green for my mother.  Now, to get their presents made.  Yes, I really need to get on that.

4-23-14 SZ MFP Tues MD


  • Papers (various)
  • Rhinestones (various)
  • Mother’s Magnolias 2012 (MFP Heinrich Collection) – sentiment
  • Inks (Memento) – LadyBug, Bamboo Leaves, Elderberry

Here is one more thing I tried this week:

4-23-14 Dollar Bill Shirt

Like I said, I tried.

Thanks for spending time with me today!

ScrapZee PJ Party Tonight

Tonight is the PJ Party.  It has been lots of fun.  Here are the items I made that I am also using for challenges over at MFP SpeedyTV.  See, I know how to get my crafting together.

Party Basket 1 Party Basket 2


These are two different views of a basket I made, which I think works perfectly for the MFP SpeedyTV Color challenge this week.

Party Card


There are all sorts of crazy questions going on at the PJ party that we have been answering.  One of which was, “What would you do if you were in the circus?”  A couple of the ladies were talking about riding or working with the elephants, which kind of got me stuck on elephants.  So, I made a pretty, girly elephant.  I was inspired by the pretty colors and the flowers in the MFP SpeedyTV Inspiration challenge, so this is my entry for that, too.

Now, as it is a PJ party, here I am working on the basket in my pjs.

PJ Party


Thanks for spending some time with me today!  Enjoy the rest of your day.

Altered Book

There was a challenge on ScrapZee in the Kicking It Up A Notch section a few weeks ago to alter a composition notebook.  Well, I had found a notebook and set it on my desk, but never had time to actually alter it.  This week, StampTV is doing a challenge to use their stamps to make anything but a flat card.  As my husband’s birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, I decided to alter the notebook using Gina K stamps and give it a masculine/wood feel as Rob has started doing wood working.

I used a Freebie download from the StampTV site for the background wood paper.  The sets I used are: The Giving Tree, Beyond Baskets, Pretty Patterns, and Timeless Treasures.  I also used some washi tape from Elmer’s for the edges.  I’m not real thrilled with washi tape as it isn’t incredibly sticky, but I like the look of it here.  The pockets inside are made from paper from two different sets, however, I’ve lost the front cover, so I’m not sure who they are by.

3-12-14 Book Front


This is the front cover.  As it is for my husband, I didn’t want anything frilly on it and kept it pretty plain.  I did use the barrel image and made a small pocket for the twine that holds it closed.

3-12-14 Book Cover 2


3-12-14 Book In 1


Inside the front cover is a pocket to tuck notes in, as well as the sentiment “Treasure The Moment”.  Various pages throughout the book have some stamping on them, though I choose things from the different sets that had to do with wood.  There is a little squirrel on many of the pages.

There are two dividers in the book.  One says “fun” and the other “family”.  The book I choose has graph paper, which I thought was perfect for his planning out projects.

3-12-14 Book In 2




The picture doesn’t show it very well, but the back cover says, “Looking Back”.  Thought that would be funny.

Hopefully Robert will enjoy this and get good use out of it.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

A Few Cards

Here are a few cards I made today trying to get caught up.  It’s terrible when you make your own cards, but don’t have enough time to get out a few you need to, as you know what you want to do, but are too busy to do it.

This one is a baby card for some friends that are expecting their second daughter in another week.  They spent a lot of years trying to get pregnant and now God has blessed them with two daughters.

1-15-14 Baby Salutation


This is also being entered in the MFP SpeedyTV Simple Salutations challenge for the week.  It was made using a couple of Lasting Impressions brass embossing stencils and the MFP Winter Crocus 2011 stamp set.

This next one is for the MFP SpeedyTV Inspiration challenge.  Go check it out and see if you can tell what inspired me.  I’ve been trying to get a “get well” card made for a friend at church for a week now, but couldn’t get it done until today.  This was also done for the mid-week challenge at ScrapZee.

Engine that Could


This one was done using a Silhouette cut file.

The last one was done for the MFP SpeedyTV Tutorial Time challenge this week.  It was go make Asian Lamps.  I had so much fun doing the background, then put everything away before cutting out my lamp shapes.  So, I just did rectangles, which aren’t nearly as cute as they should be.



Used the MFP Adirondack Summer 2011 set on this one, as well as a couple of Asian themed embossing folders.  You can’t tell from the picture, but the green layer is embossed,  too.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Votive Box Tutorial

I call this a Votive Box as it fits 4 votive candles perfectly.  The box is 3-3/4″ (9.7cm) square and 2-7/8″ (7.2cm) high.

You need a sturdy paper or card stock for the box to hold weight.  Regular patterned paper isn’t quite heavy enough to hold weight.

Punch Board Votive Box 1 (400x331).jpg

Cut a 10″ square of heavy paper or card stock.  (This is the new W R Memory Keepers Trim and Score tool.)

Punch Board Votive Box 2 (400x394).jpg

Now you need a We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board.  (Fantastic tool for many projects.)

Punch Board Votive Box 3 (400x366).jpg

Line up at the 3″ mark on the tool, punch and score.  You only need to score to the end of the score area on the tool.

Punch Board Votive Box 4 (384x400).jpg

Turn your paper and do this on each side.  (Line up at the 3″ mark on each side.)

Punch Board Votive Box 6 (392x400).jpg

Now, flip your paper over and do the same thing on the other side.  When you score on this side, the score line will connect with the line you started on the other side.  You will have a notch on each side of each corner.

Punch Board Votive Box 7 (338x400).jpg

Fold on the score lines of one side and press to make a sharp crease.  Unfold and do the same on each side.

Punch Board Votive Box 8 (334x400).jpg

There are no score lines across each flap, but you need to crease there for the top flaps of the box.  You can either just fold it over and crease it, or you can lay it along the score line of the tool and score it first.  You will lay the two “shoulder” edges along one side of the score area and score the flap.

Punch Board Votive Box 9 (400x240).jpg

There are two ways you can do the sides of your box.  You can either fold it like this.  Which means you hold the two corner areas so they are folded on the score line and bring them together and fold a crease down the middle.


Punch Board Votive Box 10 (379x400).jpg

You can cut along one of the score lines on the end (which ever side you decide will be your end).  If you do it this way, you will cut down both of the score lines on your end.  (For my example, one side is cut and the other is folded.  You will choose which one you want to do and do both the same.)

Do both “ends” the same way, then you will adhere those pieces to strengthen your box.

Punch Board Votive Box 11 (400x300).jpg

You can sort of see the adhesive on the one side of the fold.  This is the area that will adhere to the “end”.  If you used folds, you will want both of the folds to adhere to the same end piece.

You can see the adhesive around the edges of the cut flap.  You will line up the cut edge with the fold and adhere this piece to the end.  Do the same on the other side, so the two flaps overlap on the end.

Punch Board Votive Box 12 (400x300).jpg

If you used folds, you will put adhesive inside the fold to hold it together.

Punch Board Votive Box 13 (328x400).jpg

If you did flaps, they overlap.  Folds will both point towards the center.  Now, do the same on the opposite “end”.

BEFORE YOU DO THE ADHERING . . .  (go ahead and either fold or cut, but do NOT adhere until after you decide how you want the box to close and get the closure ready.)

There are several ways you can “close” your box.

1.  You can just fold over the flaps (they overlap a bit) and adhere the top one to the second one down.  Fold one side in, then the opposite, then one of the ends, put a bit of adhesive on the bottom of the last flap and fold it down.

2.  You can do interlocking flaps.  For this, you will hold the top flaps of opposite sides together and poke a hole right through the center of each side about 1/2″ or 1.1cm down from the point.  (Don’t measure as it doesn’t have to be exact.)  Now, looking at the outside of the box on one of the flaps, cut a curved line over to the hole you made on the right side.  (Sort of like half of a smile.)  Turn the box around and do the same thing on the other end.  If you do it this way, the two side flaps will just fold down and these will be the two end flaps that close over the top.

Punch Board Votive Box 14 (300x400).jpg

Punch Board Votive Box 15 (400x259).jpg

Punch Board Votive Box 16 (344x400).jpg

3.  You can either punch two holes on the “end” flaps, or just punch one hole through both sides and tie a ribbon at the top.  For this one, you will also hold the points of both end flaps together and punch your hole or holes.  Now, the side flaps will fold down and you will either thread ribbon through one hole on one end, across the top and through the hole on the same side of the other end, back through the other hole on the far end and straight across through the other hole on the end closest to you.  Then tie a bow or knot.  If you only have one hole on each end, thread your ribbon or twine through both holes and tie at top.

Punch Board Votive Box 17 (400x300).jpg

Punch Board Votive Box 18 (396x400).jpg

After you get your top flaps ready to be closed, go back and adhere the folds or flaps to the ends.

Your box is ready to go.

By changing the size of your square of paper and/or where you do the punch and score lines, you can get boxes of many different dimensions.  Use some scratch paper to practice until you get the correct size of box.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Teepee Fold

12-18-13 Teepee 7

This fun card stands up and is a good display piece, as well as a card.  The dimensions I am about to give you will fit into a regular invitation size envelope, though it is a bit thick.

Teepee card instructions:

Cut 3 pieces of card stock to 4″ squares.  (4″ by 4″)  I used two white and one color, though you could use all white and decorate more, or 3 patterned pieces, 3 color, etc.  For mine, I also cut a 3-1/2″ square out of patterned paper for decoration.

12-18-13 Teepee 1

Next, I cut that decoration square in 1/2 along the diagonal.  The 3 main pieces, I folded in 1/2 along the diagonal.

12-18-13 Teepee 2

Next I adhered the right side of my first piece to the left side of my next piece along the diagonal.  Remember, you will still need to fold it, so do this just to the right of your fold.

12-18-13 Teepee 3

Adhere the last piece to the middle piece in the same manner.

12-18-13 Teepee 4

Now you can add your decorative pieces, if you want them.  Another way to decorate this card is to stamp on the 3 main pieces before adhering them together.

12-18-13 Teepee 5

After your pieces are decorated, you need a way to get your teepee to stand up.  For mine, I laid the far right end over the far left end aligning the side of the right with the fold on the left, then pinched it together and punched a hole through.  You could use a small velcro closure, or a removable glue dot, or . . .

12-18-13 Teepee 6

After mine was finished, I decided I wanted a little more decoration, so I untied it and stamped the lower front corners.

12-18-13 Teepee 7

My retying of the bow isn’t fabulous, but you get the idea.

12-18-13 Teepee 8

To fold it for mailing, I untied the back flap and tied the bow loosely, so the recipient can see that is where it will be tied.  This one will probably need some instructions so the recipient can get it to stand properly.  Then, I folded both end pieces in to the middle (the front is flat on my desk, then folded the two sides together.  It’s a bit tight of a fold and rather thick, but it does fit into a regular invitation sized envelope for mailing.  Check how thick your envelope is before mailing as it will need an extra 20 cent stamp if it is too thick or heavy.

12-18-13 Teepee 10

12-18-13 Teepee 9

This card only took a few minutes and that included finding my papers and cutting the squares, then finding a stamp to fit my corners and ink that worked.  Simple, quick and fun.  If you decide to do more decoration than I did, it will take a little longer.

Now, go have some fun and make some Teepee cards!  Please check out my challenge for this on the forum.

Thanks for spending some time with me!

Ornaments and Winter Birthdays

It’s getting close to Christmas, so I made an ornament for our tree.  This year, we only decorated the top 2/3 of the tree as we weren’t sure how Milo would deal with the tree.  He has pulled at some of the bottom branches, but didn’t knock it over or do anything dramatic.  It was fun to watch him stand on his hind legs to try to sniff the lower ornaments.  He only growls at it when the lights are on and he’s trying to nap.  Pretty funny.  Now, I’m a little nervous about actually wrapping the presents and putting them under the tree.  I left off the tree skirt this year as Milo loves pulling and scratching at blankets, rugs, etc. to get them comfy before he lays on them.  As one of my grandmothers did these amazing stitched decorations around the tree skirt, I did not want to chance him getting at it.

Sorry, back to the ornament.

12-9-13 White-Silver Ornament


  • White card stock
  • Moroccan Accents (Spellbinders)
  • Little Church 2012 (MFP Heinrich Collection)
  • Silver ink (Inkadinkado)
  • Liquid Adhesive (Tombow)
  • Silver Cord (??)

I cut out 6 of the snowflake type Moroccan Accent, used paper to cover all but “God” on the sentiment and stamped in silver (cover rest of sentiment with papers and apply ink, then remove papers and stamp), folded each “snowflake” in half and adhered left side of one to right side of another until all were together.  Before adhering the end of the last to the front of the first, I pulled all the pieces together and applied liquid adhesive down the line laying the two ends of the cord on top.  It didn’t work wonderfully, but did work.  Hot glue might have been better for that part.  Then I adhered the front of the first to the end of the last to pull it all together.  This is being entered in the MFP SpeedyTV Friends of SpeedyTV challenge this week.  The silver ink looks more gray than silver, but it does have some sparkle to it in the light.

My grandmother has a birthday coming up the first of February and her favorite color is purple, so I worked on her birthday card this week, too.

12-11-13 Purple Sketch



  • Parisian Garden patterned paper pack (Gina K.)
  • Parisian Garden accompaniment card stock pack (Gina K.)
  • Vintage Chic stamp set (Gina K.)
  • London Fog ink (Memento)
  • Silver glitter pen (Sakura)
  • Ribbon, brad, rhinestones, lavender thread (assorted)
  • Embossed piece was sent to me by a friend – love the words on it

I knew I wanted to use the embossed piece my friend sent me as it is a purple, which is my grandmother’s favorite color and it had wonderful words all over it, so I found a patterned paper in the pack that worked with it, then found the card stocks to go with it, but in different colors, as well.  For the stitching, I placed my stamped kite on top of an old mouse pad and pushed a needle through to make the holes, then found a needle and started stitching.  I taped the one end on the back of the piece.  Cut all the pieces to an appropriate size and started adhering together.  For the sentiment, I traced the “Moxie” with the silver stardust pen to give it some sparkle.  This is being entered in the MFP SpeedyTV Sketch with a Twist challenge for this week.

Now, over at, we are trying to spice things up a bit and add some more fun to the board.  So, you need to keep heading over there and checking it out.  As it is just before Christmas, there won’t be too many new things for the next couple of weeks, but if you like to work with paper, it is a great place to be.  It’s free to join and fun to chat with others who love playing with paper.  I’m hosting the Wednesday challenge this week starting 12/18/13, so come play along.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!


Woven Paper

Wow!  On CardSwap this week we were challenged to weave paper together and use it as an element on a card.  The challenge this week was to use score lines on a card.  I put those both together and came up with:

Please take the time to check out Meredith’s instructions on how to do the paper weaving. This was my second attempt as the patterns on the paper I tried to use first just didn’t work for the technique.  My mother would be so proud that I actually wove.  (She’s a real weaver.)

You can barely see the score lines surrounding my background paper, but I liked the way it made it stand out just a bit and gave it a little texture, too.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Octagon Star Frame

For those of you that wonder at my posts appearing at 12:01am, I am not up that late, or that early, but I love having it there when people get up, so I schedule it.

This fold is fun to do, and makes something a bit different.

To start, you will need 8 squares of paper.  (I used 1-7/8″ squares, but any size will do depending on how large you want your finished project.)  You will also need a piece of card stock.

Flip your square over so the back side is up.  Then fold diagonally in half, so the left point touches the right point and crease, then unfold.  Next, fold from top to bottom, so the top point touches the bottom and crease, then unfold.

You should now have a crease going horizontally point to point and vertically point to point.  Take one side of the top and fold the side down along the center crease.  Do the same to the other side and unfold.

Do the same thing with the bottom two sides and unfold.

Now, to do the next step, I put my index fingers on the side points and use my thumbs and third fingers to fold the tops and bottoms back along the center lines (where you just folded).  You have to pull your index finger up and out-of-the-way as you are doing this, but you want those center pieces sticking up.  You want to fold the bottom point up to meet the top point.  As you begin folding it up, those center pieces will start to move out toward the sides.  When the bottom point is laying on top of the top point, crease along the center again.  Depending on how “square” your squares were, you may need to re-crease the small side triangles so they lay flat.  (I find that even though I use the markings on my paper-cutter, sometimes my squares aren’t perfect.  It’s okay.  Most of the time you really can’t tell on the finished project.  Just have an extra square or two in case one is too far off.)

Putting this together is the most difficult part.  Because the pieces do not attach to each other, you need some card stock or paper to adhere them to.  I used a rectangle piece of card stock, then had to trim it down a bit at the end.  (Not easy with the pieces are already adhered.)  You can start with a rectangle with sides that are 1/2 the length of one of your squares (for a 2″ square, you will have each side of your octagon 1″).  Or, you could make it larger than your finished piece, or even adhere to a square.  Put a bit of adhesive on the back, bottom edge of your first piece, then adhere it to your card stock or paper.  I lined my piece parallel to the edge of my card.  The top, bottom and each side should be square to each other.  So, I laid down my angle piece, to figure out approximately where my side piece should be, then attached that side piece parallel to the side of the card.  Then adhered the angle piece and worked my way around.  Each corner touches.

At this point, you could trim out the center area and around the outside, if you don’t want any of that background piece showing.  This works well as a frame around a picture, or with a sentiment or image centered in it.

Trying to punch my corners after all my pieces were adhered, was not easy, but it was possible to do.  This is just a fun way to highlight something.  Try it and see what you think.  As you can tell, each piece folds up some, so it has depth to it, but can fold flat.  The white card base is A2 size (4-1/4 x 5-1/2), and I used 1-7/8″ squares, which wound up being too large for my card base.  I will either hand deliver this one or make my own envelope to fit it.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!