Somewhat Contained Glitter

Last weekend, I was trying to think of some Christmas Card ideas, as it is, already, September and I don’t have many done.  So, I thought about butterflies and glitter.  Here’s what I did, for a few.


Actually, what I did first, was put some 2-1/2″ double sided adhesive tape on some white card stock.  I just used the cheap kind of card stock.  Then, I took this wonderful die I got at Simon Says Stamp called Butterfly Drift, put it on top of the adhesive backer, which I had left on the top, then ran it through as a regular cut.  I didn’t add any shims, as I didn’t want it to cut all the way through.


You can kind of see the cut lines in the above picture.


Next, I pulled up the “frame” edge.  I used a paper piercer to start that, though an edge of a paperclip, or something else small and sharp would have worked, too.  I grabbed that and slowly pulled it up, to get all of it.  Then, I opened up my dark green micro-fine glitter.  (This has to be MICRO fine glitter, or it doesn’t work well.)


I dabbed my finger in and using just what was on my finger, started rubbing firmly over the adhesive that was now showing.


As you can see, there’s not much extra glitter left on the top of the adhesive liner.


Then I used that little piece of Swiffer Sweeper cloth, that I had cut off and wiped up the excess glitter.  There wasn’t much.  Quick and easy cleanup, that way.


Next, I pulled the liner off the butterflies and rubbed on gold micro-fine glitter.  Cleaned up the bit of excess glitter with another small piece of Swiffer Sweeper cloth.  I decided I didn’t want the whole piece of adhesive, as that would take too much room, so I just used my scissors and cut around the butterflies.  I used a craft knife to get that one small center piece out, too.

On the side of my card base, I used gold embossing powder and embossed my “Merry Christmas” greeting.  It didn’t show up very well against my stamped background, so I found a piece of similar green paper, embossed it on there, and adhered that.


Done.  Fairly quick and easy.  And, the glitter doesn’t fall off, as it is quite well adhered.  Also, when I was wiping off the little bit of excess glitter, I went over my piece, as well, which picked up any extra.

Thanks for spending some time with me today.

Monkey’n Around

This is a challenge on the We Craft Cards forum.  This week we are having a card crop, with 2 challenges per day, Wednesday through Saturday, as well as a game.  Join in the fun and play along.  You do need to register for the site, but it’s free and is full of fun inspiration and soon-to-be-friends.

My challenge is to make a card with an animal not acting like an animal.  Here are some examples:



So, a pretty easy challenge, but fun.  Come check out all the fun.

Thanks for spending some time with me today.

A Set from 1

I needed to make 3 cards that are pretty much the same, as invites.  Needed to get it done on Tuesday, to get them in Wednesday’s mail, but I failed.  Didn’t actually get them done until today, when I found a sheet of paper that I thought would work.

I could have made 6 plus cards from this one sheet of 12×12 paper, but I only needed 3, so I have some left.

8-19-16 242 R3 S1

I cut off the fun scalloped edge and figured I would use that on the cards, but wound up not using it.  So, I cut three pieces of the dotted card at 4″ x 5-1/4″.  Put that on my 3 pieces of 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″, scored at 4-1/4″ bases.

I also found some brown and yellow flowers that seemed to go well with the patterned card.  Added 2 on the outside and a small one inside each card.  Also cut out “hello” from a bit of scrap, white card.

8-19-16 242 R3 S1-2

Simple cards, that went together fairly quickly, after I found the paper to use.

Here’s another one I made this week, that was a back-to-school card.  Had a lot of fun with it, though it was a ton of work.  So, just wanted to show it to you and give you a brief description.

8-16-16 STV Back to School

Cut 2 circles, 1 in white and 1 in brown light weight card (or heavy weight paper).  Cut a bunch of 2 different colors of twine.  Untwisted all of the twine, then glued (liquid adhesive) the ends to the white circle.  Then glued the brown circle on top of that.  Now, when I gathered the “hair” into the pony and tied the bow on it, I found that the circles were just too big, so I cut it down to more of an oval.  Before I adhered the “head” piece to the base card, I stamped flowers in different shades of pink and stamped my sentiment in black.  Then, adhered the “head” and trimmed my “hair” even with the bottom of the card.  After that, I stamped some pencils and colored those with colored pencils.  After cutting them out, I tucked them into the “hair”, like you sometimes see little kids do with pencils (or their teachers).  This one is definitely fun, but oh so messy.  The twine made a huge mess, as well as being itchy.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!  Go have a marvelous rest of the day.

Embossing Fun

This week I had some fun with an embossing stencil, some ink and patterned paper.

Products Used:

  • LL588 Stencil (Dreamweavers Stencils)
  • Inks: Sweet Mango, Blue Lagoon, Applemint (Gina K.)
  • Patterned Paper:  Made With Love pack (Gina K.)
  • Card Stock: Heavy Base Weight white (Gina K.) and White (Recollections)
  • Ribbon: Green Organza (360 – Michael’s)
  • Adhesive Runner (Scotch Advanced Tape Glider)
  • Removable Tape (Scotch)
  • Light Box (Light Tracer by Artograph)

To start, I taped my stencil to a piece of white card with removable tape.

8-13-16 Blog 1

When you flip it over and turn the light table on, you can see right through to trace it with the round embossing tool seen on the table.  Before embossing, rub the card stock with wax paper (it makes it much easier to trace).  Just a hint, if you use really heavy weight card stock, or dark colored card, it is very difficult to see through to trace.

8-13-16 Blog 2

Then I found the papers I wanted to use from my paper pack, chose my ink colors to go with the papers, and started inking my design, with the stencil still attached.  Ink through the stencil.

8-13-16 Blog 3

I did use a touch of red ink for the tongue.  I also used a fine point black pen to color the eyes.  When you remove the stencil, make sure you rinse it with water to clean it off, then dry it well.

8-13-16 Blog 4

After cutting around my embossed image, I cut a strip of the green for behind it.  In the finished card, I layered the green on a strip of white card to offset it a bit, as the 2 patterned papers together was too busy looking.  I did cut close to my embossed and inked image, so you could see the green through around the tail and legs.

8-13-16 Blog 5

I figured out where I wanted the ribbon behind the image piece, then put it on the background patterned paper, before adhering that to the base card.  I stamped the sentiment onto a die cut piece of vellum, then traced it with a teal Stardust Pen to give it a bit more color and some sparkle.  Adhered that to the ribbon with Vellum Adhesive by Therm-o-web.

Inside, I put a small strip of the background patterned paper, crossed by a small piece of the green patterned paper.  The inside sentiment is stamped with Blue Lagoon ink (same as the outside) in the center.

8-13-16 Blog 6

I have embossed and inked this dragon with many colors, but I don’t think any have been as fun as this with the bright colors.  Try doing things a bit different than expected and you might really like what you achieve.

Thanks for spending some time with me today.  Now, go out and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

When I Need . . .

So, there was a challenge at We Craft Cards to make a “character”, but not a people type character card.  I was trying to figure out what to do by looking at Pokemon characters and movie characters.  Wound up with Monster’s Inc.  As I couldn’t just print and fussy cut my characters, as that is against copy right laws, I went with Mike W., figuring he was the easiest to figure out.  However, there were parts that were difficult to come up with.

Here’s what I did:

8-5-16 Blog 1

First, I used some circle and oval dies to do his body, eye and mouth.  Then, used a branch die I have to make his arms and legs.  To do that, I had to cut on one side of the paper, then flip the paper over and do it from the back for the other.  There was a bit of trimming involved, but they were fairly close.

To make his mouth, I cut out the same oval as the white of his eye and used some edgers to make his teeth, then trimmed the oval to make it more mouth shaped.  Probably should have put a small pink oval behind for the inside of his mouth, but I didn’t.  (Hindsight and all.)

8-5-16 Blog 2

I wanted to include Sully, so used a light blue card stock for my card base, then used a paintbrush with a bit of a fanned head and some ink pads to get the darker blues and the bit of purple so it looked like his body.

8-5-16 Blog 3

It’s certainly not perfect, but the cut out pieces at the bottom show what I was going off of.  Those are the pieces I figured it would not be legal/ethical for me to use.  They were good inspiration.

I just cut out some little triangles from white card and inked the tips for his horns.

When you are trying to make something specific, think about other things you can adapt to make it work.

Thanks for spending some of your valuable time with me today.  Have a great weekend!

Glitter Everywhere

Gina K. Designs had a new release last night.  I wasn’t overly thrilled with the stamp sets that were released – personal preference, not that they aren’t great sets.  However, there are always 2 questions and a challenge with their releases.  I could answer 1 of the questions, but the other I had no clue on.  I refuse to look at other answers, so I just won’t answer that one.  However, the challenge was to make a SPARKLY card.  So, I went about making one.

Products Used:

  • Art from the Heart stamp set (Gina K. Designs)
  • Sparkly black embossing powder (Sparkle n’ Sprinkle)
  • Assorted glitters (Martha Stewart)
  • Stardust pens (Sakura)
  • Embossing heat tool
  • Mini Misti (My Sweet Petunia)
  • Versamark embossing ink
  • Lemon Drop, Turquoise Sea and Layering Weight White card stock (Gina K. Designs)
  • Scotch Advanced Tape Glider
  • Designer Dries Clear Adhesive (Art Glitter) – with detail tip

First, I decided what sentiment I thought would be fun, found 2 images from the set I thought would work great with it, picked out some colors, cut my card stock to size, then went to bed.  I had gotten up early for work, it was 9pm and I knew it would take too long to do, I would probably make mistakes as I was tired, and I had to get up early this morning.  So, after everything was done for the day, I got to work on my card.

I just have to tell you, the Mini Misti was quite expensive.  I did a lot of research on it, thought it was worth it and put it on my wish list.  I showed it to my husband and he told me to go ahead and get it.  Yep, he’s an amazing husband.  I found it on sale, so I purchased it.  This is one of those purchases I am so glad I made.  It is that good.

I had an idea in my head, which is actually what I wound up with in the end.  Now that was a surprise, as there are usually adjustments made as I’m working.

First, I laid out the pieces of card (base was already folded), then laid the stamp on the base, where I thought it looked good.  After I put the magnets in place on the base card, I closed the top of the Misti to pick up the stamp.  As there are lines on the top, I adjusted my stamp slightly to make sure it was straight.  It may not be perfect, but that us user error.  I inked up the sentiment with Versamark ink, closed the top, pressed it down, turned on a bright light to make sure the whole image was stamped, then took it out and poured on my embossing powder.  I went ahead and heated that.

7-29-16 Glitter 1

Next, I put in the white layer, laid out the two images where I wanted them and went through the process again.  Heated those, then removed the flower image, cleaned the pencil stamp and laid it down where I wanted it next.  Embossed that and did it again for the last image.

7-29-16 Glitter 2

Next, I put the detail tip on the bottle of glue and went to work adding adhesive to areas, then laying down a color of glitter.  Went through until I had all the areas done.

7-29-16 Glitter 3

There were a few areas I didn’t get, as they were too fine for the tip and I didn’t want to cover up my sparkly black lines.  For those areas, I went back, after giving it time to dry, and used some similarly colored Stardust pens to fill in.  I definitely cleaned the tips of the pens afterwards.  (Sorry, that picture isn’t as clear as I’d like.)

Then, I put it all together.

7-29-16 Glitter 4

You can’t see the sparkle of the black in the picture, but in real life it has amazing sparkle, too.

I used a Swiffer sweeper cloth to clean up, so there isn’t too much glitter left in the room.  Though, I’m sure I’ll still be finding glitter for weeks.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Christmas Out of the Box

On July 25, a stamp company I like was having a “Christmas in July” sale.  As I went and perused their adorable Christmas images, I thought how cute they are, but how they almost all included snow.  Now, I was born and raised in the desert.  Granted, our desert has gotten snow a few times in my life, but usually not enough to stick once the sun comes up.  So, as much fun as it is to see snow in movies or pictures, maybe drive a couple hours up north to get out and play in it for a bit, it really isn’t a part of my life.

When I make a snow person card, I tend to use brown and make them tumbleweed people. I do have a friend that LOVES snow people, so I generally make a few cards with actual white snowmen and send her family one.  I’d be willing to bet those of you that live where it snows really don’t want most of your winter and Christmas cards to show you MORE snow, too.  (I am so very glad I live in the heat rather than where it snows.)  So, I suggest we make at least a few Christmas cards that are out of the trend of snow and red and green.

I have made a couple of Safari Christmas cards, recently, and wanted to give you an idea of what I mean.

Products Used:

  • White card stock (??)
  • Green card stock (??)
  • Memento Tuxedo Black ink
  • Scissors
  • Guillotine paper cutter
  • Scotch Adhesive: tape runner & 3D mounting
  • Stamp sets all from Gina K. Designs:
    • A Little Something
    • Wild About You
    • Holiday Tags
    • Scooter Diva
    • Seasonal Labels
    • The Good Life
  • Koh-i-Noor woodless coloured pencils
  • Various Gina K. Designs inks: Sweet Mango, Sweet Corn, Grass Green, Kraft, Powder Blue
  • Sponge daubers

To start, I formed my card base, which was 5-1/2″ by 8-1/2″, folded in half.  I also cut a piece of green card stock to 5-3/8″ by 4-1/8″.  Another piece of white card was cut to 5-1/4″ by 4″.  On that smallest piece of white card, I stamped the elephant and tree from the Wild About You set.  That gave me my “safari” background.  On some scraps of white card, I also stamped the little Santa head from the Holiday Tags set, and the trees from The Good Life set.

7-26-16 Blog 1

Using some colored inks (just various Gina K. Designs colors), I stamped the presents from the A Little Something and Scooter Diva sets.  Then, I colored.  I used colored pencils to color in the hat from the Santa head, the large tree from the 2 trees, the elephant and the tree.  Then, I used some sponge daubers to use the listed inks and shade in my background.

7-26-16 Blog 2

I very carefully sponged a bit in the white spaces in the tree and between the elephant’s legs.

Using sharp scissors, I carefully trimmed out the Santa hat, the large tree and the presents (which I had also colored with pencils).  With all my pieces ready to go, I started assembling.  The green layer was adhered to the base card front, with my “safari” panel on top of that.  Just before mounting, I added the sentiment.  Then I used some 3D mounting tape to adhere the hat to the elephant and the “Christmas tree”.  Some of the presents were adhered with tape runner, while others had mounting tape.

7-26-16 Blog 3 STV

Now I have a fun Christmas card with no snow, and not done in the traditional red and green.  In person, you can see all the depth with the tree, hat and presents.

Take the time to try something different with images, than what you usually see.  Here’s another one I did a while ago, that I really like.

10-17-14 SZ Funny

Thanks for spending some of your valuable time with me today.  Go enjoy the rest of your week and remember to think outside the ordinary.