Playing Catch Up

I apologize for being gone for so long.  It’s not that I haven’t made cards in the meantime, but I have had some health issues, getting ready for my daughter’s wedding stuff and just plain old being crazy busy stuff.

Here are a few cards I’ve made in the last few months:

5-9-14 Crop Square Dance 5-9-14 SZ Paso Doble 5-9-14 SZ STV Quick Step 5-9-14 SZ STV Stroll 5-9-14 SZ Wed Joy Fold 5-12-14 Charleston 5-12-14 Stomp 5-12-14 Twist 5-12-14 Waltz

All of the above were from the May Crop at ScrapZee that had to do with dances.  The bottom one was Waltz (box step), guess which one was the Twist.  That was such a fun crop.

Here’s one I made combining all 8 of the different challenges from the crop:

5-13-14 Combo 1 5-13-14 Combo 2

This was for my son’s 21st birthday.  He loves cats, so I had to add one.  He moved out just after his birthday, which was really sad.  I miss him.

Here are a few from the summer, too:

5-20-14 SZ STV 5-26-14 SZ Animal

6-1-14 SZ 3D Paint 6-4-14 SZ Outside Inspiration 6-9-14 STV SZ Braid and Wood 6-16-14 SZ STV Flowers 6-30-14 SZ Recipe 7-2-14 SZ Fireworks 3 7-15-14 SZ STV 7-19-14 Bookmark 2 7-22-14 SZ STV Inlay

The house card was a welcome to your new home card for my son.  The card with the purple vase was done with all different colors of 3D Stamp Paint from Viva.  I’ll have to do a post just about this amazing product I was just introduced to.  You can see my first attempt at zendoodling, too.  Oh, and the last one is a technique called inlay, where you use a die on different papers and switch out the pieces.  The chain/background and bird/wing are done with that.

Well, you can see a LOT of different cards here, with no info about them, but it sort of catches you up with my recent card making.  I still need to make some candles for my daughter’s upcoming wedding, but it’s too hot out now (Phoenix AZ), so that won’t be until pretty close to the wedding.  I’ll try to show you that.  I’ve also been having fun painting my nails, so I might show you some of the fun polishes.  I’m 43 and just started painting my nails in December.  I’ve always hated having nail polish on because my fingers felt like they were suffocating.  Found some fun info that helped and got used to it.  However, I found that I don’t like plain nail polish, it has to be interesting and fun.  Holographics are my favorite, though I’ve found some topcoats that add fun, too.  I got a couple of chromes, but they were a weird finish that I don’t like, so I’ve been avoiding those.  Anyway, hopefully you will like the intriguing things I hope to be sharing with you in upcoming posts.

Now, back to the stuff of life, which takes some time.  Please keep me in your prayers as my health, though incredibly better than it was in May, is giving me issues, again.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!  Now go enjoy your life and all that God has blessed you with.