Josh Set 2

This is the other half of the set I made for my nephew’s 20th birthday.

His last one is the one on the right.

These were a lot of cards. I made all but these last 2 on the same day. It was a great way to use up pieces that I had done for other cards, but weren’t quite right. It was also looking at pieces and figuring out what I could do with them that would be fun cards. A few I adjusted to make work, too. My “pieces” bin is much emptier, now. I did get to have fun creating. And, he will have 12 cards to give, as needed.

Thanks for spending more of your valuable time with me today. Go enjoy this day of rest God has given us. Yes, do rest, it helps.

As my parents put an air sterilizer on their house, that works with their air conditioner, we are having a small family party for my nephew. It’s safe and we’re still a small group, so it’s nice to be able to get together with family. It’s been way too long, too.


Josh Set 1

For my nephew’s 20th birthday, I met a set of cards for him. This is the first half of the set.

The first one in this group is being entered in the MFT Sketch challenge for the week. Other than that, I just had fun creating. Some I like a lot, some not as much. But, knowing what cards he will want to give is a gamble.

Thanks for spending some of your valuable time with me today. There will be another post coming, with the other half.


This is the only card I’ve had time to make this week, so I wanted to make the right one for a specific person. I don’t know her very well, but after praying, this felt right. I did use the MFT Sketch challenge for the week, with a bit of a twist, as well as the ModSquad challenge, and the Double D challenge. Yes, I’m counting sunflowers as a garden harvest. I have grown them in my garden and you eat parts of them, so definitely a harvest.

Pocket full of sunflowers

Made this with a very old MFT set called Pretty Pocket and a couple of their Die-namics. As long ago as I got them, I’m positive they are all retired.

Thanks for spending some of your valuable time with me today. Have a wonderful rest of your week!

A Set from 1

I needed to make 3 cards that are pretty much the same, as invites.  Needed to get it done on Tuesday, to get them in Wednesday’s mail, but I failed.  Didn’t actually get them done until today, when I found a sheet of paper that I thought would work.

I could have made 6 plus cards from this one sheet of 12×12 paper, but I only needed 3, so I have some left.

8-19-16 242 R3 S1

I cut off the fun scalloped edge and figured I would use that on the cards, but wound up not using it.  So, I cut three pieces of the dotted card at 4″ x 5-1/4″.  Put that on my 3 pieces of 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″, scored at 4-1/4″ bases.

I also found some brown and yellow flowers that seemed to go well with the patterned card.  Added 2 on the outside and a small one inside each card.  Also cut out “hello” from a bit of scrap, white card.

8-19-16 242 R3 S1-2

Simple cards, that went together fairly quickly, after I found the paper to use.

Here’s another one I made this week, that was a back-to-school card.  Had a lot of fun with it, though it was a ton of work.  So, just wanted to show it to you and give you a brief description.

8-16-16 STV Back to School

Cut 2 circles, 1 in white and 1 in brown light weight card (or heavy weight paper).  Cut a bunch of 2 different colors of twine.  Untwisted all of the twine, then glued (liquid adhesive) the ends to the white circle.  Then glued the brown circle on top of that.  Now, when I gathered the “hair” into the pony and tied the bow on it, I found that the circles were just too big, so I cut it down to more of an oval.  Before I adhered the “head” piece to the base card, I stamped flowers in different shades of pink and stamped my sentiment in black.  Then, adhered the “head” and trimmed my “hair” even with the bottom of the card.  After that, I stamped some pencils and colored those with colored pencils.  After cutting them out, I tucked them into the “hair”, like you sometimes see little kids do with pencils (or their teachers).  This one is definitely fun, but oh so messy.  The twine made a huge mess, as well as being itchy.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!  Go have a marvelous rest of the day.

Zig Zag Aperture

My husband was reading a book last weekend, that I asked to see.  Not because the book interested me, it was the look of the cover.  So, I designed a card to look similar to the cover.  However, I added a fun fold to it for a bit more fun.

To start, I cut a piece of lighter card stock (apx. 85lb) to 11″ x 5-1/2″.  With the 11″ horizontal, I scored at 1-1/4″, 3-3/8″, 7-5/8″ and 9-3/4″.  (This makes an A2 sized card – 4-1/4 x 5-1/2.)  As I was trying to recreate the book cover and I love the colors together, this base piece was a turquoise color.  I also took an 8-1/2 x 11″ piece of black card stock and sprayed both sides with Perfect Pearl mist.  (I only used about 1/4 of the sheet.)  I cut off a 5-3/8″ strip and cut the following pieces with that as the height: two 1-1/8″ strips and two 2″ strips.

The base piece was folded as follows: the first and last score lines were mountain folded, with the two inner score lines valley folded.  I then adhered the black pieces to the top of the sides that would be showing when the card is folded.

7-18-16 Fold Challenge 1

I then took 3 sequential nested diamond dies.  You can use whatever shape you want.  Using the largest and smallest dies, I cut out a diamond frame from silver shimmer/shiny paper.  Line them up on the paper and use some removable tape to keep them in place while running through your pressure machine (I used a Cuttlebug).  I also used the largest die to cut a triangle out of the leftover strip of turquoise card.  The middle sized diamond, I used to cut an aperture (hole) out of the front of the card.  First, I folded the card closed, then lined up my die and used some removable tape to hold it in place on one side.  Now, I tried cutting through the folded section, but that was incredibly difficult with 4 pieces of heavy paper/card and I had to finish it with scissors.  On the other side, I stretched out the paper to cut and that worked great.

7-18-16 Fold Challenge 2

7-18-16 Fold Challenge 3

To resemble the book cover, I wanted gears on the bottom of my aperture, so I ran my turquoise diamond through my Cuttlebug in a gear embossing folder.  I then lightly rubbed a black ink pad over the top of it.  That piece I lined up on the right side at the bottom of the opening.  It is adhered on the inside behind the diamond cutout.  The aperture rim, or the silver diamond, I adhered on the top section on the left.  You’ll notice that either by not lining my die up quite right, or running it through repeatedly with too thick of a stack, or finishing it off with scissors, I wound up cutting through the edge on the left side.  As I put the silver frame on top of that, it held it together and you can’t tell.  I did put a dot of glue on the back to hold the 2 points down and let that dry before folding.

7-18-16 Fold Challenge 4

To center my stamp, I closed the whole card up and put the stamp where I wanted it, before inking it.  As the gears were embossed and inked, it was easy to see where I needed to stamp, and was able to lay out that piece flat before stamping.  On the book cover, there was a small symbol in white, but with the sparkle of the Perfect Pearls on the black, I wanted a bit of sparkle, so stamped it in gray ink, then traced over the top with a Sakura Stardust pen in clear.  You can’t read it well, so stamping in white probably would have worked better, but when you turn the card a bit, the words catch the light and sparkle, which is fun.

7-18-16 Fold Challenge 5

I realize these aren’t the greatest pictures, but you can at least get the idea.  The sentiment is centered in the aperture when the card is closed completely.

I hope you try this and with my mistakes pointed out, can make it much easier than I did.  It really was quite simple and fun.  My husband thought it looked amazingly like the book cover.  I didn’t read the book, but my husband enjoyed it.

Book Cover

Thanks for spending some time with me today.  Have a wonderful rest of the day.

Who and Why as well as What

It has been quite a while since I started my blog.  So, I wanted to let you know the who, what and why.  How is the blog itself.

Who I am is Golda Peterson.  I work part time in an electrical contracting office and like to spend part of my time creating.  God is the ultimate creator and as we are to be like Him, we need to create, too.  For me, that creating comes in crafty form.  I like to make cards that encourage others.  I also love to create candles.  Candles make me feel good and relaxed, and they are great as gifts (which is how I got started making them so many years ago).  Last year I started using nail polish, so sometimes you’ll see my nails.  Granted, I have the thinnest nails prone to peeling and chipping, no matter how I nourish them, but I love to add some fun nail polish that makes me smile (that usually means holographic, or that it has interest in some way).  Every once in a while, I have a post that is mainly about me and what is going on in my life.  Hey, if you know what I do, you need to know who I am and why I do what I do.

That pretty much tells you the what I do and why I do it, too.  I feel that God has led me to card making (something I’ve been doing since I was a kid) to encourage others.  The candles are what I make for me and for others as gifts.  The nails are just for fun.  I will probably give you lots of “how” I did things, as that is what I like to know when I see something.

I’m hoping that others who are interested in card making, candle making, nail polish, and me, might follow along.  You might learn something, and you might teach me something, too.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

October – Breast Cancer Awareness

As October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, Stamp TV has been doing a challenge a day that has to do with not just Breast Cancer, but all cancer awareness.  They have a special stamp set and patterned paper pack that proceeds go towards research this month, too.

Here are the cards I did for the different challenges:

10-7-14 STV Comfort The first one was to use a comforting thing – I choose music and your favorite hot drink, as well as “Home”.





10-7-14 STV Glitter

This second one was for a challenge to use glitter.  This has glitter everywhere, including the large font words, which I used Stardust pens to make sparkly.

10-7-14 SZ STV STVSOC14Laurie

One of the challenges was to make anything but a card, so I made a ribbon and sent it to a friend that had surgery this week.


One challenge was a pink card challenge.  The base of this one is pink, as well as my pink boot and some of the flowers.

10-11-14 STV STVSOC14CAT

Another challenge was to choose a word and make the card with that word in mind.  I choose PEACE and came up with a masculine card, as it’s not just women that deal with cancer.


This one was actually the last one that I made as I had a difficult time thinking of something.  The challenge was to make a card that was NOT a square, rectangle or circle.  I kept coming back to boots and one of my friends saying she was going to “kick this.”

10-11-14 STV STVSOC14LEE2

Another challenge was to use a lot of cancer awareness colors, but NOT to use any pink.  There were way too many to choose from.


This was for a sketch challenge.  I flipped the sketch a bit and made it fall.

Hopefully, if you’re a woman, you’ve made an appointment for a mammogram.  Everyone needs to make regular appointments with their doctor to keep watch over their health and try to catch things early.  There are so many diseases, not just cancer, that can be dealt with if caught early, or at least slowed down.  Please take care of yourself.  You are valuable!

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Time is flying by

Boy, is time flying by.  I’ve really not been feeling well for a couple of months now, which makes it more difficult to get things done.  I do, however, see a specialist on Tuesday, so maybe he’ll have some ideas on what is wrong.

My daughter’s wedding is getting closer and closer, which means there are lots of little things to get done.  Her bridal shower is next Saturday, and I am making the “cake”, so today I made frosting.  A LOT of frosting.  It’s been a couple, if not several, years since I’ve made and decorated a cake, so it’s a learning/remembering process.  I realized after I made the first batch of frosting, but before I started the second, that I used to measure 1 ingredient a certain way and why.  It would have been nice to remember that before the first batch, but the 2nd was a bit easier in that regard.  Now, hopefully, this will be enough frosting, if not, I’ll be making more white next week while I do the baking and first part of the decorating.

9-6-14 Frosting Bridal Shower Cake

The pink and white are in gallon size bags, while the green is in a quart size bag.  I really hope this is enough!

Anyway, the baking and decorating is Thursday evening after work and before Bible study, and all day Friday.  Oh, we’re going out with my in-laws on Friday evening, so I have to be done by then.  Putting all the pieces together will have to happen at the home where the shower is taking place.  That means I’ll have to get there really early, which I’m hoping isn’t a problem for the lady hosting the party.  I can’t tell you how amazing this woman is to host the Bridal Shower, as she is the mother of one of the two maid of honor’s boyfriends.  Also a former high school teacher of my daughter.

Well, even not feeling well, I have made some cards in the past few weeks.  Here is a quick look at some of them:

8-19-14 SZ STV Fall 8-24-14 SZ STV DT2 8-29-14 SZ STV Fall Bday 8-30-14 STV DT 2 8-30-14 STV Shabby Technique GKD2014GUESTSEP1 9-5-14 STV SZ Color Emboss Resist 9-5-14 SZ Summer

Every one of these is for someone specific and hopefully the recipient will enjoy them.

This one is my absolute favorite and is for my nephew’s 14th birthday.  His birthday was last Monday, but our family celebration is tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see what his reaction is.  He rides motocross, so it’s appropriate.

8-29-14 STV Extreme Texture

If all goes well, I’ll try to get a picture of the “cake” and show you after the shower next weekend.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Playing Catch Up

I apologize for being gone for so long.  It’s not that I haven’t made cards in the meantime, but I have had some health issues, getting ready for my daughter’s wedding stuff and just plain old being crazy busy stuff.

Here are a few cards I’ve made in the last few months:

5-9-14 Crop Square Dance 5-9-14 SZ Paso Doble 5-9-14 SZ STV Quick Step 5-9-14 SZ STV Stroll 5-9-14 SZ Wed Joy Fold 5-12-14 Charleston 5-12-14 Stomp 5-12-14 Twist 5-12-14 Waltz

All of the above were from the May Crop at ScrapZee that had to do with dances.  The bottom one was Waltz (box step), guess which one was the Twist.  That was such a fun crop.

Here’s one I made combining all 8 of the different challenges from the crop:

5-13-14 Combo 1 5-13-14 Combo 2

This was for my son’s 21st birthday.  He loves cats, so I had to add one.  He moved out just after his birthday, which was really sad.  I miss him.

Here are a few from the summer, too:

5-20-14 SZ STV 5-26-14 SZ Animal

6-1-14 SZ 3D Paint 6-4-14 SZ Outside Inspiration 6-9-14 STV SZ Braid and Wood 6-16-14 SZ STV Flowers 6-30-14 SZ Recipe 7-2-14 SZ Fireworks 3 7-15-14 SZ STV 7-19-14 Bookmark 2 7-22-14 SZ STV Inlay

The house card was a welcome to your new home card for my son.  The card with the purple vase was done with all different colors of 3D Stamp Paint from Viva.  I’ll have to do a post just about this amazing product I was just introduced to.  You can see my first attempt at zendoodling, too.  Oh, and the last one is a technique called inlay, where you use a die on different papers and switch out the pieces.  The chain/background and bird/wing are done with that.

Well, you can see a LOT of different cards here, with no info about them, but it sort of catches you up with my recent card making.  I still need to make some candles for my daughter’s upcoming wedding, but it’s too hot out now (Phoenix AZ), so that won’t be until pretty close to the wedding.  I’ll try to show you that.  I’ve also been having fun painting my nails, so I might show you some of the fun polishes.  I’m 43 and just started painting my nails in December.  I’ve always hated having nail polish on because my fingers felt like they were suffocating.  Found some fun info that helped and got used to it.  However, I found that I don’t like plain nail polish, it has to be interesting and fun.  Holographics are my favorite, though I’ve found some topcoats that add fun, too.  I got a couple of chromes, but they were a weird finish that I don’t like, so I’ve been avoiding those.  Anyway, hopefully you will like the intriguing things I hope to be sharing with you in upcoming posts.

Now, back to the stuff of life, which takes some time.  Please keep me in your prayers as my health, though incredibly better than it was in May, is giving me issues, again.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!  Now go enjoy your life and all that God has blessed you with.

Matching Envelopes

The ScrapZee Wednesday challenge was to make envelopes to go with cards.  So, as I did cards for other challenges, I made envelopes to “match” for that challenge.  The goal was to get 10 cards and envelopes done for a prize for the Ladies’ Tea at our church, but I just didn’t have the time.

These first two were done for the MFP SpeedyTV Simple Salutations challenge of a stamped background.  The stamp on the first one came with my Cardmaking & Papercrafts Magazine this week.  Had fun with that and using a multi colored ink pad.

2-19-14 MFP SS SZ

This next one, for the same challenge I used one of the MFP Heinrich Collection stamp sets and did some coloring with colored pencils.

2-19-14 MFP SS SZ 2

This one was done for the MFP SpeedyTV Inspiration challenge this week about surf boards.  This looks pretty similar to one of the surfboards, minus the card shape, but I did round the corners.

2-20-14 MFP Inspire SZ

You can’t see the sparkle in the center and around the edges of each flower, but it’s there.  The flowers are from the Heartfelt Creations Botanical Floral 2 set.

The following card was done for the MFP SpeedyTV Tutorial Time challenge.  I had a lot of fun with the “letterpress” technique and swirling in different blues (I used 4 different shades).  It also uses the MFP Heinrich Collection Gullible 2012 stamp set.

2-21-14 MFP TT SZ

For this last one, I used the My Favorite Things sketch challenge for the week and their CS About New Beginnings set.

2-19-14 MFT SZ

You’ll notice my background is different.  My husband has worked for the past few weekends making me a box out of melamine board that has a ridge around the outside for my little OttLite to stand on to take better pictures.  It was so fun to be able to use it today.  He did a fantastic job.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!