Faux Torn Edges

Sometimes layers are wonderful.  Other times, you need a pretty flat card.  Here is a simple walk through of how to do a flat card that looks like it has layers.


To start, you need to tear the edges of a piece of scrap paper.


I used some removable tape on the back of my strip of scrap paper.  You can use some regular adhesive, if you press it onto your skin and pull it off several times.  You want it to come off cleanly, at the end.

After my strip was placed, I used the different inks to ink around the edges.  I started with the lightest colors and the edges of the card and the darkest closest to my strip.  Granted, there wasn’t a whole lot of difference in the inks and I did blend them together, somewhat.


Next, I left the scrap paper strip on the card and stamped my flowers using a different color.  I did overlap the edges, so they were partially stamped onto the strip.  This adds to the faux layered look.  I also added some leaves.  Then, I removed the strip.


It almost looks like a torn white strip is placed on top of a detailed background.  The last step was to stamp my sentiment.  After I stamped it, I decided to add a couple of stick on embellishments.  These are quite tall, so not good for mailing.  However, if you wanted to stamp something in the blank space, or adhere something smaller, or even just leave it blank, it all depends on what look you want.


The finished card.

Here’s another one that I did with 2 torn pieces at the edges, rather than 1 in the center.


The colored, stamped flowers, were popped up with pop dots.

This really is a fun technique.  Try it and see what you come up with.  Have fun with the inking!

Thanks for spending some time with me today.